Sunday, April 26, 2009

Destination: Unknown.

Yeah..... I'm sitting here, trying to think of something to blog about, but really, I got nothing. Really. Nothing. Zilch. I want to be all "writerish", but it just isn't happening today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I have the second of Morgan's field trips. This one is to the Florida State Theater for a play. Now, this Gator alumni gets the heebie Jeebies going into any building that starts it's name out with "Florida State", but it will be OK. I forgive the school for not importing any UF entertainment.

Speaking of UF, Percy Harvin went in the first round of the draft yesterday. I was surprised a little, because he had tested positive for THC earlier in the week. I just don't understand it sometime. Someone who has everything will throw it all away for a moment of weakness. The NFL Draft combine is basically a week long job interview where you are subjected to everything from interviews with prospective employers to drug tests! How he thought he would get past that little part is beyond me. I am 100% behind my Florida boys, but they really have to start using the old noodle. There won't be an academic advisor guiding them forever!

Like I said, I was surprised when Harvin went in the first round. The last guy who tested positive for drugs during the combine, his number dropped and he went in the third round. I guess Harvin was too good a player to let go for long.

So that's it. Now here's a question for you guys...... If a player tests positive for drugs, any drugs, during the NFL Combine, should they be let go immediately? If it were any other job interview, and the person failed the drug test, they'd be sent packing on the spot! So what is your say? Stay or hit the road??


Russ said...

Tough question there Blonde! You are right in that if I failed my drug test, they would have told me to take a hike. But there is a double standard. If you have talent like that kid, and it is his first offense, it will cost him in the wallet (second round or later money verses first round money). Assuming he keeps his nose clean, he should be ok.

blondefabulous said...

RUSS: I agree that there are 2 sets of rules, but I do not agree that it should be that way. I wish we would make these kids learn that the rules apply to everyone, not just the "other" people. Harvin still went in the first round, despite the positive drug test, and I think that is going to send the wrong message to the up and coming athletes.

Putz said...

packing on the spot

HHH said...

He may have gone in the first round but it was number 22 not in the top 10 as projected and his payday will be considerably lower than if he was clean