Monday, April 27, 2009

The Class Trip.

Today was the last class trip of the year, and it was a twofer! We started out going to the Florida Studio Theater first to see the "Under Six" plays. These were all short plays that were written by kids in the sixth grade and under. They were awesome! The kids enjoyed it, and a few of them made me get all teary eyed.
Then it was off to the park for a diversity exhibition. This was the one that touched me the most. It was by a Israeli girl. Her parents sent it in for her because she was killed on her 15th birthday by a terrorist's bomb. It was a drawing about peace, harmony, and joining together despite our differences. On the beautiful day we were enjoying.... it stood out in stark contrast.
This was the beautiful day I was talking about. Sarasota at it's finest. The breeze was blowing, the birds were calling, and the gentle slap of the waves against the boat hulls was calming.
Here's Morgan in the park in POV while looking at one of the art displays. It was really tall. Most of the other kids didn't really pay attention. I was proud that Mo did and even analyzed the composition. That's my girl!
Morgan in the theater.
Going into the theater. It was really a fun show to watch and the players of the Florida Studio Theater did a wonderful job!

All together, the trip was awesome. It was a far cry from the clusterf#@k I had to deal with the rest of the day trying to figure out where my daughter's packages were. UPS wasn't so bad, they just forgot to take the package off the truck even though I went on their online site and requested that happen so I could pick it up. FedEx was worse. It took me forever to find the damn thing, it was in BFE, and the woman was rude and less than helpful. After a whole day of trying to locate the package that they had, it is now back at the package center, and I can pick it up tomorrow between 5 and 7pm. Fuckers! I'd have rather been back at the park instead of driving all over hell and creation. This has taught me that I will use UPS for my shipping needs. They cared enough to get my package to me today, rather than tomorrow.

I didn't get a whole lot of answers to my question yesterday about drug tests and athletes. It panned out at 50% yes, Fire the idiots, and 50%, no give the kids a chance. Now here's a new question: Who do you use for your packing and shipping needs? I'll see what you all say and then use those people for my shipping from now on. Maybe I should just use the post office...... hmmmmm......


Jennifer said...

:) morning! i've been MIA, but came over this morning to say hi and check out your blog. :) what an awesome day you had. the theater sound sounds so awesome... plays by kids, very cool! i love the idea.

i also love the art pieces that you got to see.

i used to mainly use UPS when shipping stuff and they are pretty good when they mess up... although i've only had them mess up once or twice and that was usually when i was expecting something not sending something... FedEx around here (NY) is JERKS! they kept delivering my mom's orders all over the neighborhood and expecting her to go pick them up from her neighbors and when she complained about it they said they couldn't locate her house in the computer and also it was a good way to meet her neighbors. are you kidding me?? assholes!

anyway... i'd stick with the PO or UPS. that's just my $.02.

have a GREAT day!!

Russ said...

Well, I go to the Postnet store (the proprietor lives in my neighborhood) and I let them tell me what is cheapest. That way I get UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Finn said...

Morgan looks like her mom!

I love FedEx and have rarely had problems with them. But I rarely have problems with UPS either. Maybe it depends on the location.

Blondefabulous said...

JENNIFER: Welcome back! The day was pretty awesome, package companies aside and all.

RUSS: Are you sure that's not the bourbon talking?

FINN: Yeah, we just probably have a crappy FedEx hub here.