Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bullies... What Bullies?!?

See this? This is my youngest daughter, Morgan. She is pretty, precious, and adorable! Blonde, like her mother, with deep green eyes framed by the longest eye lashes I have EVER seen on someone that wasn't extensions. Sometimes this "pretty" is a problem though. She knows she's pretty and tries to use it to her advantage every once in a while. Unfortunately, the "pretty" also attracts attention in a bad way too. Bullies. They try to pick on her because she is the smallest in her class, wears glasses, or has diabetes. It isn't fair, and the teachers do stop it when they catch it going on, but there are few of them to the hundreds of kids in Morgan's school. Case in point.....
I received a note from school two days ago. It was from the lunch room monitor. Apparently, my little ballerina was in an altercation at lunch time. Yes, that cute little angel in the photo above. I read the note with interest and it went on to say Morgan did not make a good choice at school and if it happened again, she would get a referral. I sat Morgan down and asked what happened and this was what I got. Morgan was sitting at lunch with her class, eating and talking to her friends when a boy at another table and who belonged to another class began to make fun of her. She said he called her monkey butt, Hairy monkey ugly girl, and on and on. It sounded to me like he was trying to make her mad or cry, but I digress..... After a few minutes of this, my tiny princess got up and


Oh. Mai. Gawd! My little girl? Slap the crap out of some kid who sounded like he really deserved it? Surely you jest! But no. I went to the school the next day and confirmed that my tiny dancer had, indeed, bitch slapped some kid almost 2 heads taller than her because he was being rude and she was done with it. I do not recommend violence to solving problems, but come on..... the kid was tempting fate. I mean, this is the little girl that wants to be a WWE Diva when she grows up. This is the little girl who looks up to John Cena as her hero. This is the little girl who can hold her own with her brother when play fighting. That kid probably didn't know what hit him. Or maybe he did..... and now all his friends have seen him get put down on the ground by 68 pounds of pure cuteness!

Wonder how he'll like being bullied by his friends now that he's been beaten up by a girl in front of the entire lunchroom? Karma is a bitch that way!


kapgar said...

Your daughter is my new hero.

Finn said...

Sounds like something I would have done. Cheers to her!

phinz said...

To the mooooon, Alice!!!!
Way to go Morgan!

Blondefabulous said...

KAPGAR: I told her this and she laughed.

FINN: She actually takes after her mother. I used to smack boys upside the head with my lunchbox in E.S.

PHINZ: That dumb kid was just asking for it. He just picked on the wrong little girl. (Hee, Hee!)

kvegas911 said...

Good for her!!! The little shit deserved it!!! PS she is SUCH a cutie!