Friday, March 13, 2009


I see it everywhere now. Having been without so recently, I wonder why we, as a nation do not just pull together and help each other out. The multi million dollar mansions I am now cleaning reek of well to do and old money. Today I said on Twitter, "Yay for lazy rich people! They give me a job!!", and I meant it, yet I clean up the receipts for hundreds of dollars in wasteful spending, wasted food, money, and time. I have cleaned residences with signed John Lennon lyric sheets hanging on the walls. I have cleaned residences with signed sports memorabilia. (Buccaneer's stuff mostly), I have dusted Objects D'Art and I think about how much any of that might have cost. Then I saw the report about how Florida is one of the worst states for homeless children and families. We have thousands of kids who have no real home, no place that is stable. Hell, tomorrow there will be even more thanks to the foreclosure mess and the plummeting economy.... it's crazy! I dust these expensive and priceless items and think..."Selling just one of these things and donating the money to a program or charity that helps hurting and homeless people and families would do a whole lot of good." I don't know why I think these things... I am just grateful to have a job right now anyway.... But I remember those that helped me when me and mine were down and out.... and I want so bad to shake the rich and say..."Oh my God! help your fellow man!"

I sound like a communist, don't I?


Dimitri Illonovitch Alexandrov said...

Yup. Time to go milk the community cow, eh comrade?

Blondefabulous said...

D.I.A.: I didn't mean to sound red, but right now, with change slow in coming and the economy getting worse, people need to pitch in and help each other out. Plus, you never know when the bottom will drop out from under them and they'll need help some day. Plan ahead... plan ahead.

phinz said...

You don't sound like a communist; you sound like a decent human being.