Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I Have Learned Cleaning Up Other People's Crap!

Since we are taking the kids to Universal tomorrow to celebrate their respective birthdays, I decided to wuss out and throw some bullets out about what I have learned so far working for the green cleaning company.

*I am NEVER going to have a shower enclosed in glass... EVER! OMFG those things are nightmares to clean. The suck big donkey wiener! Water spot do not want to come off the glass and you have to scrub hard enough to get it clean, but not too hard so as to break the glass. Like I said..... suck ass city!

*People with enough money to afford a cleaning service are slobs! Yep... big slobs. Can't pick anything up for themselves.

*Most human beings cannot physically hit the hole in the toilet. Nope. I have seen more splash over in two days than the whole relationship I've been in with HHH, and that includes potty training our son. WTF is all that speckled pee all about?

*Hungarians can't drive very well. OK,.... that is a pretty broad statement, but after yesterday with the Hungarian Hurricane and today with my boss, who is also Hungarian, I am convinced that they just don't drive well I thought I was going to die at least 4 times yesterday. My boss was always driving 90 miles and hour and zipping the toaster in and out of traffic. I just put on my sunglasses and tried to think pleasant thoughts while taking deep breaths.

*Decorative rugs suck just as much ass as glass showers. Why do you have a rug that hurts your feet? Or one that resembles a skinned komondor dog? It's a bitch to vacuum, a pain to roll up and shake out, and all around a bitch in general. Tell those pricey home decorators to get a life and go buy a rug that feels nice AND compliments your decor. Nuff said.

OK, that's it..... for now. I am sure I'll have lots of blog fodder from this job. Stay tuned!


Avitable said...

Our shower has a lot of glass, and we love it. That's mainly because we pay someone else to clean it! :D

Putz said...

blod fooder....enough for twitter, fqace book, plurk, rage, and devil soul????????

phinz said...

We considered clear glass doors for our shower but vetoed the idea when we installed new vanities in a bathroom that had them. They weren't too spotty, but it was kinda tacky seeing every little bottle and tube of shower product these people used. I mean, who wants to see my body loofah or the razor I use to shave my pits every day?!
We got textured glass instead and LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the glass shower door spotting....our old house had them and they were suckass, as you say.....ugh.

metalmom said...

Due to back problems,I haven't cleaned the upstairs shower that my boys (men) use. It has been up to them. I am so afraid that I will wake up one day to find mildew crawling it's way into the hall!!