Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Oh yes, this is the new game here in the Wetherington household. About a few weeks ago, Rebecca came home and we had to go out to fetch Morgan from ballet practice. While we were headed over to the studio, Rebecca suddenly screams out, "Punchbuggy! No punch backs!!!" and hauls off and and smacks me in the arm. I yelp and ask her what the heck she's doing. Rebecca explains to me that even though we have our family game of "U-Haul", the kids at school play "Punchbuggy" and she really wants to play that. OK then. We'll play "Punchbuggy".

Right now, it stands at me owing Rebecca 8 punches. I usually see the VW Bugs since I am driving, but I rarely punch because I am driving and in the traffic today is not very friendly. Just this morning I was almost wrecked twice. Some jerkoff in a fancy, schmancy Honda decided to wait until I was 15 feet from him to pull out in front of me while I was going speed. Dumbass! My truck would have torn right through his Foriegn piece of crap! (The 88 Chevys are very heavy in the metal and reinforcement department.)

So now we are all playing the "Punch buggy" game. It's cool we have family road games to play. Lately, We've been singing the songs from the iPod. Rebecca and I have "I'm Dominican" stuck in our heads from the Scrubs "My Musical" album. Then there's my son who can sing the "Soul Man" song from front to back. He even has a pair of sunglasses that he got from one of the strike crew members of the Blues Brothers show. Morgan hasn't picked a song to be her favorite, and HHH says he enjoys the silence. Party pooper.

What family road games do you play??


HoosierGirl5 said...

We play "Punchbuggy", too, but with 3 boys (2 of whom are big teenagers) and only 1 girl, the rule is you punch the ceiling. We also play "Padiddle" - 1st person to see a car with only one headlight. And of course, there is "White Stretch Limo". If you see a white stretch limo and call it, you are the winner of all road games for the moment. We used to have a road game book and it said "White stretch limos are worth more points than any other vehicle on the road. You see one and you win it all!"


metalmom said...

Oh we also play "punchbuggy" but we also play "Cruisin' for a bruisin'" with PT cruisers and "Cadillac Whack" with cadillacs. My boys are 25 and 28. However, Babygirl has memorized which houses in our town have which cars and she gets her brothers far more often than they get her!!

OOH! And "Pididdles" Which are cars with a headlight out!

Nicki said...

Me and my brother used to play that game and call it SlugBug when we were younger... basically the same idea... but now when my nephew and niece play it, they call it Punchbuggy, too! It is a painful game!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the way home from the Southern Ideal Home Show in Greensboro today, Katie wanted to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". So we did. And did. And did. ALLLLLLL the way back to Kernersville. 20 minutes is a long time to sing Twinkle Twinkle with no break. By the time we hit the county line we were singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, I'm gonna shoot myelf when I get outta the car".....;)