Saturday, March 21, 2009


Heh.... watched "Twilight" tonight. Hell, it was all I could do to keep my eldest daughter from dragging us down to Blockbuster today to go and get it! She practically floated over to the display and squealed with glee. I was rolling my eyes and sighing. I didn't know what to think....

See, I believe that vampire's do not sparkle. Vampires explode in the sunlight. Vampires aren't all emo to the point that I laugh my ass off. Vampires are smooth, suave, and mysterious. Vampires and people don't mix.....

This was definitely a teen girl movie. Oh and please don't yell at me that I have not given it a chance..... I watched it. All of it. Every. Last. Moment.

Um....... I liked "Blade" better. I liked "Dracula" better. I liked "Once Bitten" better.....But I guess that's just me. Vampires are old hat. See, I live with one. HHH has a natural, pronounced set of canine teeth. When he smiles, it looks like he has vampire teeth. Hell, I usually have to ask him to lay off the teeth during....ahem.... nocturnal activities. He has his own, built in Halloween costume. When he wrinkles his nose and forehead, he looks like an extra from the "Angel" series! Yummy right? Well I thought so. So much so that I married this Vampire.

So, I guess I really can't blame Rebecca for having a thing for the vampires in this movie..... like mother, like daughter, right? Just don't ask HHH to sparkle.

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Christina LMT said...


I haven't seen the movie (but probably will eventually, just for laughs), but I did slog, slog, slog my way through the first two books in that abominable series. Horrible! I'm a HUGE vampire and all-things-supernatural fan, but I couldn't stomach this crap.
I only read the books because I promised my fifteen-year-old twins I'd try to read 'em. Blech.