Sunday, March 8, 2009


Happy Birthday to my tiny princess!
Much too cute for words, yet oh so grown up for only being 10 years old today.
So smart, so athletic, I remember when you weren't even two. The tubes and IV's that were coming out from everywhere, the doctors telling me you had almost died, you amazing comeback from the brink, like the wrestlers on WWE that you love to watch. No one and nothing can hold you down!
Now here we are.... 10 years have gone by. It seems like a blink of an eye, yet I am sure the next 10 will go by just as fast. What does the future hold? Will you be a prima ballerina? A wrestling diva? A chef? You probably could do all three!
Now you're a ballerina, a friend to many, & a survivor. You are the apple of my eye, my precious princess whom I love so very much. Happy Birthday sweetie. Momma and Daddy love you and can't wait for what come next!


HoosierGirl5 said...

Happy Birthday to Mo!!!


Avitable said...

Happy birthday!

Trukindog said...

Happy Birthday little Princess, have a great day darlin.

phinz said...

Happy Birthday, Mo!!!!

Christina LMT said...

Happy, happy birthday!