Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus F*%#ing Crispies!!!!!

OMG! The clusterfuck that was my day today!

First, I still got up at 6am because even though I took the day off, and the kids had the day off from school, HHH still had to go to work. I got him up and going and then drove him to Saratoga Place. After I got back from that, I got Morgan and Junior dressed and while Junior and Rebecca were eating breakfast, I took Morgan with me to pick up my first paycheck! w00t!! I got $300 dollars! Not bad for 40 hours of work.... (yes I know other people scoff at that amount, but I am pretty happy about any sort of income!). I hoofed it back home to get the kids ready for the car service to pick us up at 9am for our 10am appointment at CMS. We have this appointment today because we were stood up by the car service last week. And we're waiting...... and waiting..... and waiting! I finally get twitchy at 9:30 and call the car service to confirm that we ARE being picked up. Nope. They aren't coming. The dispatcher that answered the phone says we weren't included on the fax sheet from CMS. What. The. Hell??? I get pissed and call CMS to tell them I was not happy being screwed over with the car service AGAIN, and that we are driving to the office, and not to cancel the appointment if we're late... we are on the way! Usually, if you're 15 minutes late they cancel you out and too bad so sad, you'll just have to reschedule. Um... I don't think so. Not if it is because of some pencil pusher's mistake that we are late in the first place! Time to go.

Here's the problem. I am shitty at finding places. Real shitty. Like get lost in a paper bag kind of shitty. So we all pile into Bessie(the truck) and head out. I decide that 75 would be the best option. It's not as direct, but it is less turns and twists. I get to 75 and BOOM. Stand still. A 5 car, multi crash accident has the place in a parking lot situation. F*%K! I call CMS again and confirm that we are on our way, do not cancel us! About 15 minutes later we get past the crap and start going speed. I see a sign that says the road I need is the next exit. I exit at the next off ramp and start looking for the doctor's office, which should be right at the off ramp, but magically isn't.Oh great. I call CMS again and the woman tries valiantly to direct me to the place. I see none of the landmarks she is describing. Nada. Finally, after 2 more calls to CMS, we ascertain that I am one exit to far away. I go back to 75 and look at the sign again that said for me to get off on the boulevard of hell. Oh it says that it's the road I need.... the DETOUR ROAD !!!!! F%#K!!!!!! (Right about now I started having a breakdown because I was lost, didn't know where to go really, and it is that time of the month. I must have looked like a psycho....)

Back on 75, I get to the REAL road, not the detour road,(f%$king detours!), and get off at the next exit and there is the office, right where I thought it would be if I had only gone one more exit instead of believing a crazy ass sign. Now, imagine if you will, the fact that I was doing all of this sans power steering. In Bessie. Yeah, I have mad upper body strength to do that! Bessie sprung a leak yesterday and I couldn't get the part until after the Dr. appointment. So we get into the office and get started doing all the good stuff we do at the endocrinologists. Some good news was the kids A1c #'s went down. We are shooting for 7% to 7.5%. Junior was 9% and Morgan was 10%. You have to understand, that that is a 1 to 2% drop for both of them from what they were three months ago!! Yay! After talking to the ARNP that sees our cases, we got adjustments and then blood draws and left. I am having Junior tested for Celiac's markers. It is a companion disease to Diabetes, so since his sister and I have it, we wanted him tested too. I believe in better safe than sorry.

It's now lunch time. We head over to Tamiami Trail and hit up a BK before going to Jungle Gardens. Yes, we went to Jungle Gardens to kill some time. It was a little pricey, but the kids were having a blast. They all fed the Flamingos, and this time, I didn't get accosted by one! My boobs were flamingo free! SO we futzed around for 3 hours, watching the birds of prey show, walking along the garden paths, feeding the Koi, and relaxing by the fountains. I even took them to the gift shop to get a little something . Rebecca got a small basket of shells and Morgan and Junior got a Ball in a Cup game. (It even looks like the one from Family Guy!) Finally it was time to go and get HHH from work. I let him drive home from Saratoga, but we stopped by Advance Auto to get the part we needed to fix the truck. Then it was time to go home. Ah... home! I hadn't seen it since 9:30am that morning!!

Of course, that's when I realized it was almost 6pm, and I hadn't even started dinner yet.



Anonymous said...

F%$K indeed. You poor thing. I'll bet you have great triceps, though!

Christina LMT said...


But, you made it home safe and sound...