Monday, March 30, 2009

It Was A Monday.

Yep, it sure was. We got up and got everyone going and I got to work and I had the unfortunate task of informing my boss that I was going to have to take all of next week off because my baby sitter backed out at the last moment. Yeah I found out that little gem on Friday afternoon. As it was, I rescheduled a Dr.'s appointment that was supposed to be tomorrow, but I figured that they could move it so I could work all 5 days this week and at least have one whole week on the next paycheck.

And, just in case you all think I can just plop the kids in a daycare or a camp,.... nuh-uh. Because of the Diabetes, I have to have the use of a nurse to administer shots, or at least a CNA! That was going to cost me BIG time. Like, $200 bucks a kid big. Um.... that would eat my whole two week pay check for a bill for 1 week!! Oh hell naw! I'll stay home.

So other than that, the day was uneventful with the exception of my boss decided to put all us new girls on a team today and then follow us after each job to check up on us. yep it was do or die time. We did good. We were on time, did a thorough job, and got back to the office on time! Yay for us. I guess I passed the test. I know how to clean piss and crap off of a toilet, pubic hairs out of the bath and shower, and dust and dirt off your knick knacks and floor.

I....... am...... teh.......AWESOME!

Now if I could just muster the energy to do that at my own home.

Are there things you do at work that you just don't have the energy to do at home too??


Finn said...


HHH said...

Hey sexy I know your having a bad day but remember no matter how bad it is...I will always be there to hold you,love you, and whatever else the love of my life needs from me

Hoosier Girl said...

I spend my day teaching small children to read better, do their math, write, and behave better in class. Do you think I have the same amount of patience at home?



phinz said...

My office is IN the home now, which actually kinda rocks. I can do laundry while doing office stuff, and get some sun while watching the phones. AND wear flannel jammies to the office on chilly days!

Christina LMT said...

All the time. "Mom, I need a massage!" Um, after a ten hour shift of doing massage? I don't think so! Ask me on my day off...