Monday, March 23, 2009

I Want Cookies!

And I want them now!

After cleaning the condo from hell with the 10 foot mirrored bathrooms and the picky ass woman who expected me to curtsy to her as she passed, I deserve cookies. Only problem is, I gotta get off my tired ass and make them myself...... whaaaaaaa! It just isn't fair.

In the mean time, I had to fight with a pug today to keep my duster. I had to balance on one foot and wipe down a shower to the lilting strains of "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado. I had to look like I knew what I was doing while the new girl watched me clean. I had to clean around people just to get stuff done. Let's talk about that last one....

If you call up a cleaning service, get an estimate, and make an appointment for your house to be cleaned, and pay ove $80 a pop or more to have said cleaning done, why the HELL are you going to be under foot and in the way? How the hell do you expect me to clean your bathroom when you are in it? I don't want to see your ass or any other body parts!!! The guy in the giant condo on Longboat Key decided he was going to take an hour long steam shower today AFTER we got there. AFTER!!!(They pay $225 a cleaning because the place is HUGE!) We don't just show up all willy nilly.... we are scheduled in advance so the people know we are coming and can be prepared. Nope. Not these people. I had to wait and wait to be able to finish the bathrooms. Then there was the lady last week. That was embarrassing. See, I had already done half of the houses bathrooms and needed to do the master bath. The door was shut to the master bedroom, so I knocked and announced myself with the standard "Housekeeping". No answer. I open the door and say again, "Housekeeping". Still no answer, so I head to the bathroom and announce again as I go in the door, "Housekeeping". Nothing. I walk into the bathroom and a lady is in the walk in dressing room topless. I excuse myself quickly and apologize. The woman wasn't mad and even laughed about it, but sheesh..... I don't need to see that.

So, like I said.... don't be under foot if you ask for a cleaning lady to come mop up your mess. This isn't some "Wink, Wink" sort of cleaning service.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less crowded.


metalmom said...

Could they be exhibitionists who just want you get a 'peek'?

Hubs is an electrician who deals with people like that all.the.time. I think that the more money some folks have, the less common sense they have.

phinz said...

Good to know for when I win the lottery and own a huge fabulous place on a beach.
*note to self: disappear into pool house with cabana boy(s) when housekeeping shows up.

HoosierGirl5 said...

When I was first separated from my ex, a really good friend of mine gave me a weekly visit from a cleaning service for 6 months. It was the BEST present I ever got! But there was NO WAY I was ever around! They came while I was at work and I loved coming home to a clean, sweet-smelling house.