Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Have....

.... super hot, awesome, totally cool husband.

.... a job that will help support my family.

.... an awesome bunch of kids.

.... a craving for a gluten free cranberry orange scone.

.... a tea habit. With milk and sugar please!

.... two kids with type one diabetes.

.... one kid with Celiac's disease.

.... the ability to make cakes and pastry.

.... awesome blog friends.

.... a husband who has a gravity free, tight butt. (I'm jealous.)

.... dishes to do, but I'm avoiding them.

.... two dogs. One is insane, one is a dumb blonde.

.... one cat. One VERY fat cat.

.... a velvet Elvis painting. A real one, signed and everything.

.... a hankering for some Tazo "Brambleberry" tea.

.... a blog post.

What do YOU got?


delmer said...

I have a remote with new batteries and a DVR full of last week's TV shows.

Nicole said...

I have...

an iPhone.

a Coach Purse (yea a real one!)

2 fantastic kids (although they drive me crazy)

Spanish Class tonight.

firsthand knowledge that you are the worlds greatest baker EVAR!!

and a nice tan!

okay, okay that's enough outta me :)

Russ said...

I have

two sick kids

I'm catching the crud

a dog that wants out to kill squirrels

it's raining

I'll soon have a wet dog

Hoosier Girl said...

I have....

a lot to be thankful for. But since I'm in a "down and out" mood today, I am going to be stubborn and refuse to list anything.

I promise to be nice later.


phinz said...

I have . . .

Something good: A newly-washed and cleaned-out car, with no effort on my part! Hubs said it was too windy to wash the cars ourselves, so we convoyed to the carwash and let them do it.

Something Not-So-Good: A midterm on Saturday for my pharmacy tech class. Please pray that I won't have to re-test the following week!

Blondefabulous said...

DELMER: Sounds like a relaxing weekend to me!

NICOLE: I like Dooney & Bourke.

RUSS: Ooooo too bad about getting the crud again. Yuck.

HOOSIERGIRL: Hang in there.

PHINZ: Yay for clean cars. Boo to tests! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am going to do a blog post. Soon. Very soon. As soon as I get a few winks in because I haven't been to bed yet and I worked all night last night.