Monday, March 2, 2009

How To Make A Sandwich... For Bluepaintred!

While I lived in Memphis, I worked at a little place called Miss Cordelia's. It was a nice place. It was located on Mud Island, which sounds yucky, but actually it was an island in the Mississippi that had million dollar homes, condos, and apartments.... VERY chic-chic. For lunch, the restaurant side of the place made sandwiches. My contribution was the Triple Decker Diet Wrecker... but I digress. One of my favorites was invented by the woman I studied cooking under. The Tuscan Sun. Above you will see the ingredients.

The Tomatoes and mushrooms were marinated and oven roasted for 2 hours. I bathed them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, thyme, and garlic. OMG I was dying smelling these cooking. The chicken is marinated in my secret marinade and then grilled. Yummy!!!
One of the things that really makes this sandwich pop is the pesto mayo. I L-O-V-E pesto mayo. It tastes good on anything. I like it a little stronger, but for the family I made it a little weak.
Now, when all the components of said sandwich are complete, assemble it like this...
1) Use a roll, like Kaiser or chibatta.
2) Spread pesto may on both sides.
3) Stack Provolone, chicken, mushroom slices, 2 tomatoes, & provolone on roll.
4) Brush top and bottom of sandwich with olive oil and squish it in a panini machine.
5) Cut in half and enjoy!
My kids love it! Morgan even had hers on the gluten free bread we have. It toasted up nicely. The cheese is gooey, the chicken is tender, and the herbed goodness is very satisfying.
So there is my contribution to your lunch time. Try it some time.... I bet you'll like it! One word of advice, roast the tomatoes and mushrooms the day before. If they sit over night in a sealed container in the oil you roasted them in, the flavors intensify and it tastes even better.

Oh man! Now I'm hungry!


Dave2 said...

I'm a vegetarian who's allergic to mushrooms. I do like a pesto, provolone, and tomato sandwich though!

phinz said...

Okay, here I go, drooling again . . .

Blondefabulous said...

DAVE2: Oh too bad! It's really good without the chicken too.... but you can't do without the mushrooms! They make the sandwich.

PHINZ: Oops... sorry about that!

Bluepaintred said...

I am absolutely positive that if you held a picky eaters contest, I would win.

I only eat cheese slices or cheddar, Ive tried a few other types of cheese, but it grosses me out.

Mushrooms are the devils food, tomatoes belong in ketchup and that bun looks suspiciously more like a bun than white bread...

On the other hand, that looks good enough for even me to want to try it out!