Tuesday, March 31, 2009


That's how I am describing today. One word: Hateful.

I was paired with two people today. The really fast lady from last Friday, and one of the other ladies who had been with the company for a while. They were great buddies. Chatty, laughing,..... um well chatty and laughing not including me. Oh, and the houses we did today..... huge, dirty, and confusing. Oh, and they had me clean in a totally different way than I was shown. That was a BIG help. (NOT) At one point in time, I was apparently going too slow for them because they took my mop from me and totally pushed me to the side. Yep, me.... the Queen of cleaning was sucking sweaty balls. Needless to say, I was having a crisis of faith in my skills. Yesterday I did so good working and having my boss check my work. Boss lady liked what I was doing, so why do I feel like such a troll when I work with the fast lady. For a while, I felt like they were purposefully giving me the hardest jobs in the houses we were doing so I would fail on purpose, but no one can be that mean. (I hope.)

Other than that, it just got better and better. Junior was being an ass when I picked him up, I burnt a bag of popcorn and stunk up the house, and I forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner. On the good side, I got a desk yesterday and we got it put together today. All of my stuff fits on it with room to spare. HHH also brought us home a glass coffee table that is held up with a resin elephant statue, plus some matching framed art. After a little rearranging, we got everything in and situated and I have found...........

I am running out of room in this small house.

Oh well..... maybe we can move stuff around some more.


Hoosier Girl said...

Wow. I hope today is better.

phinz said...

Sorry for the bad day. I hate when that happens.
If it'll cheer you up, ponder this:
Today is April Fool's Day and here in LA County it is also the first day of our new sales tax rate: 9.25%.
Who the $#%& voted for THAT?! Oops. yeah, um . . . we the people . . .

Putz said...

a resin elephant statute...cllasy hard, what wopuld it bring in an rockefeller aquction????/i/2 million dollars, and it is used to hold up a very beautiful table i can just guess