Monday, March 2, 2009

Counting Down.

We are counting down here in the Wetherington Household. Counting down to the 4th and the 8th. That is when Junior turns 7 and Morgan turns 10, respectively. I often get accused of having twins. It happened the other day. Both Morgan and Junior are the same height and weight. They look almost exactly alike.... the same laughing eyes, same mischief making sense of humor, same disease(diabetes)....... it's hard some days to remember that they are actually 3 years and 4 days apart in age!

We are still working on getting jobs... any jobs right now, and HHH has gone off to do a try out(?) with an appliance repair company today. I am hoping he gets signed on after the end of the day. It makes anywhere between $30 to $60 an hour, but I won't hold my breath. I did that for the other job and then they did an "enhanced" background check and that fell through. Sigh..... The only problem with neither of us having any $$$ right now is.... I can't buy my birthday boy and girl a gift. They will understand and accept a cake and a nice family dinner, but I wonder if we are letting them down. Are they sad that mom and dad are kind of sucking at the parenting thing? I know when I broke the news to Rebecca back in January about HHH being fired, she began to cry at the thought of having to move again, possibly away from the friends and teachers she had grown fond of. She was really upset about possibly having to change schools and leave the dance and gifted programs. Having no $$$ means I won't be able to go to the first chorus concert. The school is charging $3 admission for it. I don't remember my school EVER charging to get in to any of our band concerts. I was floored. Maybe someone will take photos that I can get copies of. Still..... is she disappointed in me for not being able to go?

When it comes to the birthday dinners, I am letting the kids pick what they want. Morgan has chosen BBQ ribs w/all the fixin's. Junior hasn't decided yet. What has been bothering me was yesterday, I asked the kids what flavor of cake they wanted for their birthday, and what kind of decorations did they want. You will remember that I make beautiful cakes..... Ace of Cake style cakes. What do my darling sweeties ask me to make for them? Frickin' Funfetti!!! What the hell is that shit? I have made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, multi tiered cakes, homemade buttercream icing cakes....... how could they possibly ask me to do a Pillsbury box o crap???? I was a little offended, but like I said... I unable to do much else for them right now. Funfetti it is.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention by an anonymous commenter that I should be grateful for being able to spend my children's birthdays with them, not lamenting that I cannot give them a lavish party, and that there is a family right now who would give anything for a healthy mother to be with them. SHAME ON YOU! You didn't leave your name... and that may have been a good thing. No one liked your comment as it pertained to Lisa. After having heard the news last Saturday, I spent the weekend loving my kids, spending time with them, and cherishing my family even more than the day before. I AM grateful for my family. Who's to say that any of us won't get hit by a bus tomorrow and no longer be here to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us? I don't want to give my kids a "Super Sweet"-esque birthday party... I was just trying to take them to the local skating rink for an afternoon of family fun with their friends. Even now, the family dinner will still make them some of the happiest kids around. They have had to live without, twice now..... so don't think for a minute they aren't thankful for every little thing they receive.... whether it's a big old party, or just a home made card and a cake from mom. Next time... leave Lisa out of it OK? That was just way uncool. Yes I am a little complainy and, oh yes... a little whiney right now.... but it's how I work through my crap. I thought that was what people did on their blogs? Like I said when it occurred, this is the SECOND time this has happens to our family... not just me.... my FAMILY! So forgive me being a bit unhappy with my kids having to do without the small comfort of a party with their friends on their birthday. It just sucks ass.

So that's it for now. I hope anonymous will still come back..... I don't mind differing views. Bring 'em on. Hopefully by the middle of the week th EX will have made a payment on the back support he owes and we'll be able to get a gift for the kids to go with their dinner and cake. Photos of the cake will ensue... even if it is a Box cake. {shudder]


HoosierGirl5 said...

Oh I wish I could order a cake from you. I LOVE cake. Truly love it. But I have no idea how we would get it safely from there to here.

I'm sure your kids will hang tough.

Laughing at the Funfetti stuff - your kids have no idea what they have available to them! Like that yummy fudge cake you were describing last week. Mmmmmmm.


Blondefabulous said...

HOOSIERGIRL: I was almost insulted till I thought, "They have had bakery style cakes for years, since they were babies, so of course that isn't new and exciting anymore." I guess Funfetti is the cool thing to them now.... I just have to learn to imitate it.

Christina LMT said...

My birthday is tomorrow, the third...*LOL*!
Heck, I won't have a party, or even a cake...but I'm a grown-up after all!
You know your kids will be ecstatic, no matter what. That's because you've brought them up right and because they know you love them.

Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: Happy Birthday darlin'!!!

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, Blondie!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I LOVE Funfetti cakes! I'll support your kids on such a fabulous decision. :)

I tried to make a 2-tier cake one time. It was a diaster! That's quite a talent you have!

Finn said...

You know, you can doctor the box cake to make it taste better -- with pudding, melted ice cream... e-mail me if you want any ideas.

Blondefabulous said...

MS.FLORIDA TRANSPLANT: This sounds weird, but they got the idea from the "Girls Next Door" series. Apparently Holly likes funfetti too!

Did you use supports in the cake to keep it from collapsing? Sometimes people forget that part.

FINN: I am going to mix up a side of butter cream and make decorations and borders for it..... butter cream makes EVERYTHING better!

phinz said...

Buttercream = love in my book.
I'm drooling over here, gross! ;0)