Monday, February 16, 2009

Unpack Attack!

Yes, today was the day that I unpacked almost all of the boxes in the house. (It's only been a week since we moved in here.) For some reason, I got a bug in my bum to start unpacking, do laundry, and clean the house all in one felled swoop! This being President's Day and all, the kids were off from school, but I was in no mood to deal with a whole bunch of "Mom! I'm hungry!" or "Mom!! They won't ride bikes with me!", or any of that mess. The best way to keep the family from bothering me is to start in on a Mt. Everest of chores and they'll run as far away as possible to keep from being roped into helping. It got done never the less. I did however, have a few bumps in the path....

As I have stated before, I don't know how it happened, but I totally missed the fact that this house has only ONE small closet in the ENTIRE place!! How the hell did I not see that when we were looking at the place?? Was I smoking crack? Was I somehow sucked into some kind of space time continuum?? I have no idea. Once HHH pointed out this fact to me though, it was too late. We had already made our deposit and first month and a half rent payments! I fixed this problem by buying two brackets and a wooden dowel and making a sort of rack in the corner of the room. I am the MacGuyver of cleaning and storage problems!

The lady next door may be certifiably crazy. I was hanging out the laundry since it was a warm, breezy day and as I was doing so, the woman from next door struck up a conversation. Now, all day I have been hearing her scream obscenities at her children. Her day was filled with F-you's and F-ing this, and F-ing that..... It didn't stop. I was feeling sorry for her family and I was hoping she would close her window so my kids didn't have to be exposed to that. No such luck. She was as sweet as pie as she chatted about how she had a dryer for sale if we'd like to look at it, her RELATIVES used to live here in the house we now occupy, (glad I didn't make any drug dealer jokes!), and oh she just had back surgery and she is in constant pain and just ignore her screaming at her family because they are taking advantage of her being unable to move around well and she has to scream at them. Um..... OK. What ever. It was nice to meet you, I have to go now. I must look like June Cleaver next to this woman! I made cookies for my family the other night. Just don't ask where the Beve is! ;-)

Scavengers can suck my frickin ass! All day, as I have emptied the boxes our stuff was unceremoniously shoved into, I have been carefully stacking the boxes inside one another and stacking them by the curb so when the recycling truck comes, they can process them into the truck quickly. Not 5 minutes passed when some jerk drove up, rifled through all the boxes looking for something of value, totally knock them all down and spread them out all over, and drive off. Frickin' jerks! This repeated itself at least 7 times today. Each and every time, I went back outside, re stacked what was left, (some people took a box or two...), and then continued with my unpacking and sorting. It was frustrating! It was maddening! It was pissing me off! Have the common decency to at least neatly stack the boxes back like you found them. Oh and what kind of MORON actually thinks I would put anything of value out there for anyone and everyone to go through? Frickin' twits! It's on the curb for a reason people!!!!

And that's pretty much it. I am 95% unpacked and now all that's left is hanging up the pictures and art. All except Velvet Elvis. He went up first thing!

Hey....... ya gotta have priorities yo!


Trashman said...

Where did you find a velevt Elvis painting? I've wanted one for years.

Putz said...

maybe you moved so you would have more stories to tell us

Russ said...

One closet? Of course, that is one more closet than I have downstairs (but is where the laundry room is).

Lee said...

"Oh and what kind of MORON actually thinks I would put anything of value out there for anyone and everyone to go through? Frickin' twits! It's on the curb for a reason people!!!!

Oh! it's ME. I must be the moron you're speaking of. It is very common for people to drive around on trash day looking for anything they could turn into cash for food and shelter.

How long ago was it you were almost homeless? You seem to forget that some people still are homeless. It's called survival.

We don't all have blogs with which we can ask for and get money from strangers when times are tough!!

You are being very hypocritical for someone in your position.

Blondefabulous said...

LEE: Hey man, I didn't mean to sound hypocritical. I was just showing my dismay at people not giving a damn and scattering the trash all over the yard we just paid to have the privillege to take care of. Yes we were homeless for a time and I am grateful to everyone who helped us, but even when we were homeless we didn't make a colossal mess for others to have to clean up. Even though the apartment complex was dumping us on the street, I cleaned that apartment. I steamed the carpets, scrubbed the floors and shined the fixtures! I didn't expect someone else to clean it up for me, and that is what I expected of the people going through my curb refuse. BTW.... the land lord got a citation from the city for the mess when a code enforcement officer drove by on the off moment that I didn't get the mess picked up for the umpteenth time. Save your annoyance for him. He's a little pissed about it.