Sunday, February 15, 2009

True Love.

These are my children.... well, two of them at least. The girl on the right is Morgan... Mo-Mo for short and the boy she is out climbing is Junior... over on the left. The difference between them is just astounding! Whereas Mo thinks boys are a bothersome ilk, made to be on this Earth to be nothing more than her punching bags, Junior finds girls to be fascinating! I believe I wrote a post stating how he told me he had no less than 10 girlfriends, so you can see where this is going. Well, this past Valentine's Day was no exception. HHH and I told him we wouldn't have a whole lot of money for 10 to 15 gifts for 10 to 15 girlfriends, so he had to narrow it down to one special one. (and this was BEFORE HHH got canned at work!) After the homeless nonsense, we have been VERY short on cash after having to set up a whole new residence. Enter Valentine's Day. Or rather, the day before.... Junior tore apart his packed boxes, got out his piggy bank with his scrimped, saved, & scrounged coins, and begged us to take him to Wall to Wall Mart so he could look for a gift.

We got there and HHH counted out the coins and he had a little over $3. HHH then helped Junior pick out a heart shaped candy box that had a kitten on the front saying, "You're My Purrrrrfect Valentine.", a candy flower bouquet, and a Happy Valentine's Day balloon. Each one was a dollar and he was ecstatic! He could not wait to go to school the next day and give his girl the gifts.

At the end of the day, I went to go get him from the school and I asked him how it went. He had a great big smile and said "Great mom. She's my girlfriend now!" he started laughing and I asked why he was, and he said to me, "I stole her from so and so, then I did the Boom I got your girlfriend dance." I almost died laughing. I asked Mo how her day went, and she tells me, "I almost put my fist through 3 boys faces.... but I didn't."

That's my girl right there!


HoosierGirl5 said...

That girl can take care of herself! She sounds a lot like YOU!

And your boy? Look out world! Here comes the next Romeo!

Kids! What are we gonna do with 'em?


metalmom said...

How adorable!

"I almost put my fist through 3 boys faces.... but I didn't." That had me rolling!!!!

I love kids.

Putz said...

YEP A real heartthrob.....i have alwayys been partial, to the oldest girl, rebecca, but they are all dolls, great valentine story...the first story was of course my daibetis with blood sugar oF 950, but except for being tireed ALL THE TIME I GET BY BUT I DON'T WATHC IT LIKE YOU DO FOR YOUR KIDS