Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuff..... You May Not Know.

Friday has come. I am so ready for the weekend. I am tired as heck this week and I just don't know why. It's weird. I was sure my case of the drowsies would leave when "Aunt Flo" left, but they did not. I am going to try and remedy this with diet and exercise. I have kind of fallen off the No Gluten wagon recently and I fear this is why I am tired. Sigh..... it is just so hard to resist a good sourdough. HHH and I stocked up on gluten free goodies from Whole Foods right down town. I almost choked when the cashier rung all of it up and it came to $118.25 for 3 small bags of items. We did get waffles, corn bread, breakfast bars, pizza, crackers, bread, and cranberry orange scones. I also took HHH by their seafood department and he was in awe of the selection. We ended up getting a side of salmon. Now to figure out just how we're going to cook it! I'm thinking balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and basil.... but that's just me.

The girls are having friends over tomorrow. Rebecca is having a girl from her dance class, and Morgan has asked if Jennesey can come over. (Jennesey is the daughter of our former neighbor, Mrs J.) It should be interesting. We finally have the house as unpacked as it's going to be. We also acquired a small couch. While HHH and I were shopping, we got plenty of healthy snacks like cheese cubes, fruit, hummus, and yogurt. (Rebecca's friend is a vegetarian.) Like I said, it should be interesting.

I delivered a cake to Mrs J. today. It was her husband's birthday and she requested one of my heirloom fudge cakes. You know... the one where I cover the entire cake in a layer of fudge instead of icing. Yeah..... the yummy one! Her children are already ordering cakes for their birthdays from me. As we walk home from the school, I hear..."Miss Nicole, can you make me a cookies and cream ice cream cake with chocolate icing?" or "Miss Micole, I want you to make me a chocolate cake with cool icing on it for my birthday, please?" It is too cute! The younger boy is so adorable. He is still angry at the office of the apartments for making us move. They took away his cookie lady!

HHH went to fill out new hire paperwork today. Now all we have to wait for is the background check to roll through and then he can go pee in a cup and take a TB test and then he'll be rolling. I'm very excited. The supervisor seems excited to have him. There were 115 other applicants for the 1 job that was available. I am proud of him. Now, I hope that check hurries up so HHH can stop moping around the house and get back to work. He's never truly happy unless he's working. On my front, I haven't gotten any positive feed back from any of the jobs I applied for. I got another rejection today. Eh.... it'll be OK.

The kid's birthdays are coming up. March 4th for Junior and March 8th for Morgan. I was wanting to throw them a skating party. For $13 a kid they do everything for you... cake, skates, invites, party planner... all of it. I was looking forward to skating, but my Ex is over $300 behind in support which is the only $$ we have coming in right now. When it comes in maybe we'll do it then. For now, we'll have a little family celebration on each day separately. I am still getting accused of having fraternal twins, even now. The two are 1/2 inch apart in height, 3 pounds different in weight, and 3 years and 4 days apart in age, yet they look so alike it's scary!

Well, that's all I have right now. I am trying to wake up but I think I am just going to cuddle up to HHH and get some rest. I'll start on eating right tomorrow.

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Trukindog said...

I can relate to HHH only being truly happy when he's workin, I'm the same way. I sure hope they get him busy soon.

My Birthday is March 3rd...I would like a Swiss Nut Cake Please & I'm all for the skatin party even though I haven't been on skates in 20 years but that I'm sure would be entertaining for the youngins.

That Salmon recipe sounds awesome, how would you cook that? wraped in foil in the oven? if so what temp & how long? Or on the Grill maybe?