Thursday, February 19, 2009


That would be me. Snoring. I am so tired I could drop. We finished up that house and it looks awesome. The land lord had an electrician come by and replace all the ancient sockets in the entire house. While we were painting and cleaning, we'd hear a surprised chuckle or an "Oh my goodness." coming from the other rooms. It seems whoever had lived there before had done a little DIY improvement on their own and jury rigged some of the outlets for who knows what!!! We heard phrases like "Fire trap", "Messed up", and "Holy shit! What the hell is that??" I remember thinking to myself... "Well, that can't be good!" (Hey Blonde I hijacked your blog to say I LOVE YOU!!)

So we got it all done and the landlord was impressed. (I guess he hasn't seen someone actually scrub cabinet doors in a long while.) After we were done, HHH sprayed the place down with bug spray and we closed it up and left. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get another place to clean out and redo..... heck, maybe we should make a business of it.

Right now, I am so tired... I'm literally nodding off as I type this. Oops! Wait a minute. Just had another couple of druggies come to the door. HHH scared them off! w00t! Go HHH! There has to be something said about a half nekkid man all pumped up for a fight with throwing knives in one hand and a Pirate's Saber in the other!! ROWR!!!!! ( Oh, and I can't forget the Scooby Doo "Stud" pajama pants he was wearing.)

So, intrepid readers, I am going to relax, snuggle with HHH, and watch "Burn Notice". Glad the weekend is almost here!!!

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