Friday, February 13, 2009

Short And Sweet.

Ha ha... just like me! I have been living Internet free for almost 2 weeks now. We have been mainly bouncing off other people or bouncing off public access points until Saturday when we will be getting Fios installed in the house. I didn't think anyone came and installed on a Saturday, let alone Valentine's Day.... but that is when we have our appointment scheduled. Right now I am at a public library here in Sarasota on Fruitville Rd. It smells like feet, there is a "special daytime hooker" using one of the public computers, and Howdy Doody the library card Nazi almost wouldn't let us get a library card!!! WTF man? I know I haven't been to a public library in a long time.... but man! They have gone down hill. Funny thing is, it looks like a brand new building on the outside! Guess you can't judge a book by it's cover! Bwah ha ha ha!

So anyway.... please send HHH lots of good thoughts and vibes and all that jazz. He's still on the hunt for a job that actually pays a decent wage.... or a living wage anyway. I am trying to unpack the house as best as I can. One thing I didn't notice was the entire 3 Br/2Ba has only 1 small closet!!!! Yep. 1. Weird right? So I have to come up with some innovative ways to hang up our stuff. I already have one plan worked out. Now it's off to Wall to Wall Mart to pick up scripts for the kids. I figured I'd give them one more chance. Heck.... maybe the good Karma of that will come back to me! See ya!


Bluepaintred said...

good thoughts, tonnes of them, are flying through the interweb tubes to your door step as I type!

Finn said...

You'd think you were trying to borrow $500k instead of a $20 book, wouldn't you?

Good karma flying your way, darlin'. As always.

cozysoul said...

In my thoughts,in my prayers.
It's about time that the good people win.And may your life hit a nice wave of calm.Take care....

phinz said...

Good karma vibes to HHH!
Make sure you check that bag BEFORE you leave the pharmacy AND check the bottles too.
Given the track record of that place, you should also request an actual pharmacist to explain the meds to you--so HE can double check you got the right stuff.