Saturday, February 14, 2009

'Scuse Me,.... I Don't Know This Guy!

Last night was interesting. If you follow me on Twitter, you read about strange visitors coming to our back door last night. LATE last night. You didn't see it? Oh well, let me tell you....

HHH and I were snuggling down in bed, watching Psych on USA. It was their Friday the 13th episode and we had been waiting for it to come on. It was awesome and spooky and all kinds of funny as hell. After it was over we started watching a rerun of House and suddenly.....


There was a loud urgent knock at the back door. We weren't expecting anyone, and having just moved into the place on Monday, didn't think any of our friends had decided to make a late night visit. HHH got up and started rooting through his top drawer. I didn't know what the hell he was doing until I saw him come out with his throwing knives. Then, it clicked. We don't know who is on the opposite side of the door in our new neighborhood we just moved into. Who ever it is, they decided to skip the front door that is in view of the road and lit by street lights, and go all the way around the house to the back door which isn't in sight of ANYTHING! I grabbed my pirate sword, (The great big real one that would actually do a great deal of damage!) and back HHH up in the kitchen. We flip on the back porch light and I look out the kitchen window to see a strange woman standing on the deck. I tell HHH this, he palms the knives just in case, opens the door and asks in a brusque tone what the woman wants. She asks for some guy we have never heard of. HHH tells her that that person no longer lives at this address and she almost runs off the porch. I go to the front windows and see her walk off down the street. This was puzzling, but eh..... we get back in bed and get all comfy again. Not 10 minutes later.....


Someone is AGAIN at the back door! WTF is this hinkey shit? We grab our weapons of choice yet again and go back to the door. This time it's some guy looking for the same individual the first woman was searching for. We tell him the same thing, if a little more forcefully, that the person he's looking for no longer resides at this address. Please go away! This guy jogs off to a car parked out front in our driveway and screeches off as fast as possible.

Now, you tell me..... strange people, late at night, not wanting to be seen so they come to the back door, almost running when the guy they are looking for isn't there.....


Apparently, the people who rented this house before us must have been dealers. It is the only thing I could think of. All of that happened on Friday night, so Lord only knows what will happen tonight. I guess I need to put up a sign that says:


Sheesh! I wish the land lord had said something. He probably just wanted to get the place rented. A nice family must be worlds better that a drug dealer. Still, a little advance notice of, "Oh by the way, a few strange people may stop by looking for the former tenant, but don't worry, they will run away like roaches in the light when they find out he's no longer living here!" Is that too much to ask? Just a little up front honesty.... that's all I ask for!

Also, we got our Internet installed today. Verizon had to come out and do this big day deal so we could get FIOS! Yes, that super spiffy Internet thingy they have been advertising the hell out of lately. We now have this really huge white box mounted on the front wall next to the door. It's fast as they say it is... I am impressed. I am slowly coming out of Internet withdrawal.

Also, today is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I received candy, a yellow rose, and many hand made cards from my children. I made them heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, rustic chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, and roasted hen for dinner w/ chocolate chip cookies for dessert! That's how I show my love......... FOOOOOOD!!! yes, I'll make you fat with love.

So anyway, I'll be blogging more often again. I'll also keep everyone updated on what's going on around here.

Now I have to be running. I think I hear a knock at the door. Where's me sword, matey!!!!????


delmer said...

I wonder how many brownies you could sell off the back porch.

metalmom said...


LOL!!! Do it! At least they won't knock and wake you up!

Russ said...

I like Delmer's idea! Oh, and I love Psych too!

Nicki said...

LOL... are you sure they didn't run off because they were greeted at the door by strangers throwing knives and wielding swords???