Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Ethel.... Git Me A Shovel!

I was given an award by HoosierGirl the other day. Seems she thinks that I'd be an excellent person to call when she has.... say..... some spring cleaning to do, or a BBQ to go to, or perhaps bury a body or two. I guess you could say I am a resourceful person. I deal with all kinds of crap on a daily basis, so I guess you could say if a close friend came over and said, "Hey man...... I took out my Ex in one shot. Can you help me mulch the MF-er?" I'd ask if she needed to use my truck.

Now, I get to name a few friends whom I think are "Great Buddies". People who would help me bury a few bodies if I needed the manpower. Here we go....

CHRISTINA LMT: This woman is awesome with a capital A! She lives and works in Sin City itself and as her name states... she's a massage therapist, so you know she sees a more than a few people who make her want to commit murder! Top all that off with the fact that she is dropping weight like a bad habit so she is looking fine as hell! I'd hit the strip with her any day and we'd hit the desert to bury anyone who got in our way!

UPSET WAITRESS: This chick is crazy as hell! I started reading her blog a while ago because it was so off the wall. I lost her for a while, but she just added me on Twitter and we picked up touch again. She's still crazy, talking about chimps eating people, idiots beating cats on You Tube, and her old man taking her out to Taco Bell on VD! The woman is probably the only one I know who could kill someone and hide the body all by herself, so you KNOW she's someone who I'd want to help me with that!

KVEGAS911: This lady is cool under pressure, plus, being a 911 dispatcher, she would know just where to hide the body and how to do it so if it ever got discovered, it wouldn't lead back to us!

DAD'S WHO MOCK: Russ and Jasper are deep in the trenches every day, so asking them to help dig one shouldn't be a big deal. Jasper works for a school while Russ is a stay st home dad, so I am sure eventually I will be called upon to return the favor. (Out-Laws, faculty, neighbors....) I'm sure if I ever needed help burying a body or two, they'd lend a hand.

OK, so there you go.... now, if you'd like to join in on this 6 feet under fun..... here's what you have to do.....

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award up to ten other bloggers.
4. Add links to those blogs in yours.
5. Leave your awardee's a message about getting awarded.

So.... do you know anyone who would help YOU bury a body??


metalmom said...

Quick Ethel! LOL

Be careful how friendly you get with your neighbors. You never know if someone would really call on you for hiding bodies!!


Christina LMT said...

Wow, THANKS!! I'm honored. I'll have to think hard about this one...;)

Christina LMT said...

Oh, and did you know the term "to eightysix someone" comes from Las Vegas' bad, bad past? It meant "eight miles out, six feet under."
'Cause back then, eight miles from the Strip was nuthin' but desert. Can't say that it's like that any more...

upset waitress said...

When it comes to hiding bodies the first rule is to never bury it. Takes way to long to decompose. :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Wanna come to a barbeque? Hee, hee.