Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q & A With Blondefabulous.

Hello from the mediocre sleep cheap we are now inhabiting. We are all here and we are all fine. I am truly greatful for all the help we have been recieving! Once we get somewhere stable, I am going to send a big thank you to each and every one of you angles out there who are helping us. In the mean time, several of you are asking some questions that deserve answers. If Congress can demand answers from the big banks and corporations about what is going on.... well then damn it! So can you!! Here goes...

1. Why don't you just file your taxes and get an RAL? Good question. The problem with that solution is 3 days before HHH was let go from the company, we had e-filed our taxes off to good old Uncle Sam. Had we known in advance that this was going to happen, we would have waited and then gone to H&R Block or Amscot and gotten our money right away. As it is, the IRS website says we will have our refund on Febuary 10th and I am hoping they stick to that!

2. Why did HHH get sacked? Good question as well. How does one go from valued employee to yesterday's news in 6 months? The economy, that's how! We checked into HHH's dismissal and found out a few peculiar details. Details like there is now only ONE maintenance man for each of the complexes. The company also is only running ONE housekeeper for both of the complexes. Apparently, there was going to be some downsizing and the managers were just waiting for the first person to screw up to fire them. Unfortunatly for us, it was HHH.

3. What was I thinking when I got that "bridge" idea? Yeah, um..... I have always been a little depressed for most of my life. Alcoholic, abusive parents, half sister who hated me and treated me like crap growing up, shitty first marriage that ended up with the wacko shooting at me and the kids...... all of that develops a low sense of self esteem in someone. Like I said yesterday, I was at ROCK BOTTOM, and I don't mean that place over by Bikini Bottom. Perhaps I will check into medication soon..... maybe borrow Ms. M's therapist, I don't know. I'll figure it out after we get somewhere stable.

4. How can I help out Blondefabulous and her family? Well, thanks to suggestions by my awesome and totally rad readers, I now have a PayPal account where you can go and donate what ever you want to help keep the kids and us off the street and out of the truck. We really appreciate it. More than you will ever know. Just go to PayPal and type in for the send to line then do what ever you like. Like I said yesterday, I'd shake it on a corner for cash if I thought I'd get anything so I could keep a roof over my kids head and a fridge for their insulin. I want to tell you all how much I deeply appreciate what you have done for us.

So, that's it for now. I won't go into how much of a bitch the apartment manager was when she was checking over the place. I was barely keeping my mouth shut. I did laugh when she aske, "So, do you guys have somewhere to go?" Um.... yeah but only because other people cared enough to help us. Once again, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!


HoosierGirl5 said...

I knew you would bounce back. I'm not saying things aren't tough and probably will BE tough for awhile. But YOU are tougher!!!


Timeonmyhands (Martin) said...

Blonde, I do really sympathise with your position. My wife was made redundant a few months ago. She was the main breadwinner. Things seem really bad at the moment but as you whitnessed today, even the crappiest of circumstances can throw up glimmers of temporary if not permanent hope. (I refer to the offer of a job for HHH.) Just the sight of an opportunity gives you the venom to spit back at all the badness you have gone through. The time will soon arrive when you sit back, tired but happy and think 'what the hell was all that about?' Trust me, I know.

Oh thanks for being a Tweety of mine. Its all terribly confusing!! I am slowly building up Tweets I want to know.

phinz said...

One step at a time, one day at a time. Hang in there, Nicole!