Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Holy crap!!! I am sore in all of my body, and by all I mean even the places between my toes! HHH and I have been working for our landlord, an all around good guy, and he has been knocking off $$$ from our rent. Today, HHH and I were cleaning and painting a duplex he wants to get rented out quickly. It was a nice place(a large 2/1), but whoever lived there didn't really take care of the place. It was infested with bugs and was kind of dirty. No biggie. We got there at 8 am and started painting away. We took a break for lunch and another to get the kids after school but spent most of the day painting. It looks pretty good too. I told HHH we were getting way too good at painting and rehabbing places. He laughed.

Now, we are so sore it's hard to move. Me and Mr. Tylenol PM are going to be great friends tonight! HHH is pretty sore too. Since he is the tallest, he got the job of doing the ceilings. Ceilings=sore neck and back. I got the job of trimming out the interior. Trimming= sore knees and joints. Either or.... the place looks good! About half way through, the Landlord swung by and was very impressed! He was really impressed that I was trimming out the chair rail in the dining room and that I knew what a chair rail was and that it should be trimmed in a contrasting color. ( what can I say, I know my decorating stuff.) I bet he'll be even more impressed when he comes tomorrow to unlock the place so we can finish up.

One of the things we found while cleaning the place out was quite a few converter boxes. I mean we found Dish TV boxes, Direct TV boxes, at least 4 Verizon FIOS boxes, 2 digital Internet boxes, and a Scientific Atlanta box that I have no idea what it goes to. There was also car DVD players, CD players, and tons of coax cable. We put it all out on the street next to the curb. Tomorrow is trash day. Now.... knowing that tomorrow is trash day, I knew putting all that out on the curb would allow time for anyone recycling things to come and get what they wanted before the trash truck comes in the morning. There was also quite a few Little Tykes play sets. There was a Power Wheels Kawasaki Ninja, a castle jungle gym, and a slide. We put that out there as well. Hopefully someone who has a child the right age will go by and pick it up. It was all still in pretty good condition. I hope everyone can get what they want before the trash and recycling guys come by.

So now We are tired, relaxing, and gearing up for tomorrow when we finish it all up. If the landlord likes the job he says he has another place for us to clean and paint. If we keep this up, we'll be paid off on next month's rent! Never let it be said that I don't like a little hard work.

Now, where are my pain killers?


Nicole said...

awesomeness lady!! Maybe he needs some catering too (wink, wink)

Russ said...

A little hard work is good for the soul. Feels good doesn't it!

Putz said...

it sounds like your'r a fence for that stuff...don't you need any of it???/i am so glad you are happier, a happy blonde is a happy camper

phinz said...

that's such a great arrangement, all the way around. Way to go for making it happen!

metalmom said...

I'm so glad you have such a great arrangement...and there's nothing wrong with a little honest sweat!