Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Honestly!

I was tagged over at HoosierGirl's place. I am supposed to state 10 honest things about me. {shudder} Hmmm... do we really need to do this? Oh OK.... here goes!

1) I love flowers! When I was in high school I wanted to be a florist. I figured, "Hey! People are always dying or getting married... and they'll need flowers for that, right?" I learned about flora culture, but never followed it through.

2) I think I need a full time therapist. After what happened a little while ago(you know), I am thinking i need someone who can professionally approach my problems and help me deal a little better with them. They say if you can recognize you need help, then you are not too far gone..... or maybe that's a line from Charlie Brown Christmas, I'm not sure.

3) I love cartoons. Always have. From Disney to Family Guy.

4) I am goofy obsessed with Psych on USA. It's just too damn funny!

5) I want an iPhone. I drool over them in my dreams. I can't, however, justify the cost of one versus spending that kind of coin on my family instead. Le sigh......

6) I often think it is because I did something during my pregnancy's that caused my two youngest children to have diabetes. There is no family history of it, so something had to happen... right?

7) I looooooooove being the happy house wife! I embrace it with a passion! I want to stay a house wife, but I fear that won't happen with this terrible economy!

8) Horror movies give me wicked nightmares! Last time I watched one was "The Happening" and it gave me the heebie jeebbies all night!

9) I drive like a little 88 year old woman. Other people's driving scares me! I wish we could go back to a time when there were no cell phones to text on or talk on while driving. I want people to actually drive according to the drivers hand book. I like turn signals when used properly. I actually signal 100 feet before an intersection. I want common courtesy on the roadways. It's not that hard.

10) I have never done any kind of illicit drugs. In college I was at a party where some of the kids were smoking pot and I got hives from the smoke itself! I didn't know what it was at the time and when I went to the university clinic about the rash, they smelled the pot in my hair, drug tested me, saw I hadn't actually smoked it, and diagnosed the allergy. I also found out that if I had "smoked out", I probably would have had a serious allergic reaction and possibly died. I got hives from just the oils in the smoke, I don't wanna know what sort of crap would have happened if I had smoked the stuff. I don't smoke either.

So there you go. 10 honest things about me. I now tag Christina LMT, Russ, and Putz. Have fun and be honest out there!


HoosierGirl5 said...

Great answers. I love flowers, too. I mostly love getting them, but I also like buying them and planting them.

I love my iPhone. Maybe for your b-day or Christmas.

I drive like a scared rabbit, too. Everything scares me.


metalmom said...

Don't worry about not trying drugs.I've tried enough for everyone in the blogosphere.

Putz said...

my computer is BROKEN ,So the ten honest things about me are on a borroweed friend's computer while he is over me so i don't break his computer

Nicki said...

Weird about your weed allergy! When I was a kid the DARE officers used to suggest that we could say we were allergic to weed as an easy way to get out of "peer pressure," but I never realized some people actually ARE severely allergic! Good thing you didn't smoke it!

Christina LMT said...

Outstanding, interesting post. Then you had to go and tag ME! ;)

I've never tried any drugs, either. Ever. Alcohol is another story, however! *Ahem*

You should never, ever, never drive here in Las Vegas. You'd probably stroke out before you made it a block.

And you KNOW you did nothing wrong or bad during your pregnancies, right? Shit happens, sometimes.
Heck, our Moms were probably drinking martinis every night and smoking like chimneys, and we turned out all right, right?!