Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mi Casa En La Calle Ocho.

I guess everyone knows we moved right? Well, if you didn't know, you do now. Sarasota is kind of a seasonal resort town. We are close to the beach, close to museums, and close to shopping. All of THAT means that everything here is rather expensive. The rent is expensive, the electric and water is expensive, and the miscellaneous items that you use everyday are expensive. When we moved, we had to put down first, security, and water deposits. It was quite a bit of money and if we hadn't gotten our taxes we would have been screwed. One of the problems of trying to find a place to rent in a resort town was everyone wanted $$$ for what little they had. For us to find a place that was big enough and decent looking, we had to look at neighborhoods that didn't exactly "fit" our demographic. The place we found was right down the street from the apartment complex.... but it was across the tracks. No, really.... we cross the railroad tracks to get to our house. It's pretty much an OK neighbor hood. It's quiet mostly, there are families who have kids who go to my kid's school..... We have discovered one thing, though, that has made the list of..."Oh crap." when talking about this neighborhood. Mariachi.

By Mariachi, I mean the music. It seems the Latinos who live here work hard all week and when Friday comes, they let loose. BOY.... do they let loose! The Mariachi music starts around 5:30 or 6pm, and doesn't end until usually midnight! Last night it must have been someones cumpleanos or something. The music was accompanied by a bar-b-q, lots of dancing and music that stayed going on into the wee hours. HHH had fallen asleep around 11pm when the Mariachi was still at a dull roar, but 2am rolled around and suddenly the music got decidedly louder! I'm talking the house across the street where all this was taking place sounded like it was in my living room! HHH and I were shaken out of a sound sleep and I had had enough! I looked up the non-emergency number for the police department and asked if they would go and ask the people to turn their music down or off. It was 2 am people! Come on. I like to party just as much as the next girl..... but I have kids who were trying to sleep. Hell, I was trying to sleep!! About 10 minutes go by and the music abruptly get shut off. I peek out the windows and see the cop car out there. I think the officer was telling them to rope it in and turn it down. Either way, HHH and I went back to sleep.

So,now having experienced 2 weekends in the new house, I can say I will more than likely experience a little more of the Hispanic culture, which is OK with me. The neighbors work long and hard during the week and we almost never hear a peep out of them. They deserve to let loose on the weekends! We all do.

I wonder if they will like me playing Cledus T. Judd and such when I feel like partying?


Nicole said...

Sorry, but I know EXACTLY where you're talking about, so that makes your blog post all the more hilarious for me!! I have the same issue with the bar across the street from my house. At least you might be able to talk to them if you had to. You know if you make nice with them- they'll probably invite you and you'll get TONS of good food and beer!!!!

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Well, I would have gone and talked to them if it hadn't been 2am. I figured that they had to have been pretty drunk to turn it up and start dancing in the yard at that time of the night, so I let Sarasota's finest deal with that for me. I have been making nice.... but I don't think they know yet that I can understand what they are saying. I may keep that little nugget of information to myself for a while. Hee Hee.

metalmom said...

"I don't think they know yet that I can understand what they are saying. I may keep that little nugget of information to myself for a while. Hee Hee."

LOL!Cultural diversity can be pretty cool and mariachi isn't as bad as say....metal, or Celine Dion!

Blondefabulous said...

METALMOM: I don't mind mariachi at all.... except played at screeching decibles at 2am. You're right about the Celine Dion though!

Putz said...

what about, willie nelson, dosen't anyone have anything to say about willie nelson down there in latino ville, i miss bowling green blod fab and those workmen, i really do

Christina LMT said...

"and mariachi isn't as bad as say....metal,"

HEY, Metalmom...I'll take metal over mariachi ANY day! ;)

Blondie, you have my sympathy. My new neighbors are from somewhere in Eastern Europe, and I'm amazed at the music they play. I can't even really describe it. Thankfully I've only had to ask them to turn it down once since they moved in. I think their stereo is right up against the wall my headboard rests against. Try sleeping when your bed is vibrating in rhythm with some weird-ass accordion music!

phinz said...

One of the best things about moving from a condo 2 blocks from the local college to a house in the 'burbs is--QUIET!!!! Actually, I think our TV is probably the loudest thing in the cul de sac--hubs refuses to go for a hearing test and blasts the sound system, while I adjourn outside to read in relative peace. I think the neighbors must be deaf as well because no one complains.