Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interviews, Resume's, & Trolls.

So today was almost a bust. After the massive unpackable horror that was yesterday, I was up and at 'em for today. After getting the kids off to school, HHH got a call from an apartment complex about coming for an interview. Whoo hoo right? We pack up the resumes, licenses, and references, get in the truck, and drive to Bradenton. Right as we are pulling into the parking lot......RING RING!! It's the same woman saying never mind. She was checking HHH's background and he isn't suitable for the position she has available. What. The. Hell? Honestly? Is that really how it is going to play out? I thought the woman would have read the resume before hand and decided if HHH was a good fit, not 60 minutes later after we had already arrived at the apartments! Oh my goodness. So we wasted gas, and time for nothing. well, not just nothing. HHH did put in an application at an entertainment establishment.

I have been job searching as well. I have put n my resume at a few places. I may have an interview tomorrow. The COO of a hotel called and asked about the resume I submitted. He did a short phone interview and said the Head of Hospitality would be giving me a call tomorrow. I am psyched.

Other than that, nothing else actually going on. Oh, I did get my first troll razzing me in my comments on yesterday's post. Sorry if I sounded all holier than thou, but my landlord of 1 week got cited by the one code enforcement officer that happened to drive by right after someone had scattered the boxes and assorted recyclables all over the curb, street, & yard for the eighth time. It happened when I was setting up my desk area with all my important papers and such and I missed it when it had happened. So yes, Lee, I was a little upset. I may get charged the fine by the landlord... you know..... a little pass the buck, but like you said..... I have blog friends who helped me out once, maybe they will again! {sarcasm}

Now off to sleep. I have a cleaning appointment in the morning for the landlord. Maybe he'll let us work off the citation for him.


kapgar said...

Sorry it didn't work out with HHH. But I hope you prospective interview goes well.

Lee said...

I do apologize that I came across as a troll. That was not my intent at all, and I did leave my real name. I would have told you the same words to your face had I been standing next to you.
I left the comment because you wrote something that touched a nerve and upset me greatly.
People are homeless and hurting all over this country. I took offense because I live in a city where searching through curbside trash is a means for many people's survival. I felt that you trivialized this fact with your words and name calling. Save for a few, most of these people are full of shame for doing so, but they have families to feed. It's much colder here in Michigan, and even the shelters are running out of funding.

However, judging by your response to my post, this will mean nothing to you. Seems once you get for you and yours, the past seems to be forgotten very quickly. Since you took a post to dedicate to the troll, why don't you dedicate a post telling how you donated to the community and to those still less fortunate than you?

The pic was great, but I'm not a troll. I'm a single mom with two teenage kids trying to do the right thing for my family just like you.

Good Luck to both of you in your job hunting. I really do wish you the best.

Blondefabulous said...

KAPGAR: Thanks!

LEE: Look, I am just as worried as you are about what has been happening to our country lately. Hell, California says they are going to start laying off 20,000 workers! WTF is up with that? I have not forgotten what we just had to go through, AND are still going through. Just because we have a place right now doesn't mean we will next month because if HHH & I don't get jobs, we can't pay the rent or the electric. I understand that. Hell, I dumpster dive myself on occasion. I understand that.... I was just venting on something that felt like another thorn. I was thinking,..."Well, we have somewhere to stay but now also have another bill since the city cited this property for the one time I didn't pick up the boxes right after someone knocked them over looking for something." I wasn't trying to be mean..... just keeping a log of whats going on.

I hope you and yours make out well in this economy. We all need to stick together.

phinz said...

I'm glad you guys worked that out! I admire BOTH of your willingness to see the other side.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to respond to a post (anybody's, no one specific's) like Lee did, but then I remember that the whole point of blogs is to tell about the blogger's experiences and feelings; I need to remember to read with THEIR mindset, not mine.

Well, that's how I feel anyways! Sorry about the fine for the boxes--and gee whiz, it's just common courtesy to clean up after yourself after going thru stuff.