Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Got Nuthin'.

Really... I don't. Today has been a crock of poo covered in feces. First the news about Lisa, then HHH got the call that he didn't pass the "enhanced" background check the nursing home did, The play date people were late, the plumbing is acting weird again, and I am just done for the day. Top it all off with my stomach acting like I tried to down an entire bakery full of bread and it just made my day complete! Oh joy and rapture! {Note the sarcasm dripping off of that last statement.} HHH is meeting with another guy tomorrow about an appliance repair job. It can rake in anywhere between $200 a week to $1500 a week depending on how any appointments for repairs he gets. I guess we could deal with that.

So now I am in bed and watching "Soul Men" on DVD. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and dreary.... Perfect. That will close out a crappy weekend.

Maybe I just need a hot shower and a massage...... oh HHH!


metalmom said...

I hate weekends like this. It's bad enough when you don't feel well, but when the weather sucks too, it's worse.

upset waitress said...

Don't you even be jinxing rainy days cause yer all feelin down sister. Rain is praise :) Yippee! Stick with the "no gluten" thingy and it will make a super difference. Thats coming from me who can eat all the gluten. Just saying the energy and that light feeling is awesome. Again coming from someone who gave up gluten. YES, I drink non gluten liquor haha. ALOT!!! Gluten sucks ass.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sorry to hear about it. They don't deserve him. He'll find the right fit.