Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The Field Trip," Or "How I Got Felt Up By A Flamingo!!"

Yes, it was field trip day. Junior had already been talking about it for a straight week! It kinda sorta went something like this....

I get to the school and grab a juice from our stash in the nurses office. I ask where Junior's glucometer is and Cynthia, the office manager, tells me she has given it to the teacher already and to just go on over to the classroom. I walk down to the classroom and see the kids already lined up and ready to leave. (Hmmm..... a full 10 minutes BEFORE the time Ms. K told Junior to tell me to be there.) I look into the classroom and see, not Ms. K.... but some other woman. A rather dour looking soul who's expression said she wanted to be anywhere but with a class of first graders. I introduce myself and ask for Junior's glucometer. I am met with a blank stare. After fumbling around for a minute or two we find out that the teacher in charge has Junior's machine and I'd get it from her on the bus. OK. No Problem. We get on the bus, and head for the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

-style: italic;">Remember back when I was blogging about how the teacher was sending notes home about me not riding the bus and having to pay my way in and all that? Um... I had my $8 ready to go and the main teacher comes back out and says..."You're all taken care of." What? I'm all taken care of? What about all that talk of not being able to afford extra tickets and all that? I'll never be able to understand the workings of the school board. So we all go in and basically each class is on it's own except to be at a show about animals at the amphitheater. It was a good thing I did come along. The poor substitute teacher was already at her wits end! I don't blame her though, there were a few kids that were being complete asses.
In all, there were not just 65 first graders on this trip, THERE WERE 95!!!!! The above photo is of Junior's class.
Now if you look really closely at this photo, you'll notice there is a rather different kind of student in the line. A pink student. LOL! There were tame Flamingos at the Gardens. That one there was fond of people more than the rest. He just got right in line with the kids and walked along like any other student. It was hilarious! When we got to the Flamingo pond, there was a dispenser where you could get food pellets and feed the pretty pink birds. I dropped a quarter and gave the kids a little bit each of the food and they all took turns feeding the Flamingos. As I was feeding one bird in front of me, I suddenly feel something behind me! Something that licked my ear! Holy crap! It was another Flamingo. I looked over my shoulder and the pink bastard then dives for my cleavage! I squeak loudly and shuffle off out of reach. WTF man? I am being molested by a bird? Unnecessary. We mosey on and look at more birds, alligators, lemurs, monkeys, and prairie dogs.
Finally, we go to the animal show, watch the trainers do a show for differences in the animal kingdom, and then we round up all the rowdy munchkins and go back to the bus. Above is Junior with one of his female admirers. I took lots more photos. In the end, I guess the point of the trip was to learn about the differences in animals. There were many more animals to look at, but the substitute was so bedeviled by the kids, she just skipped past a lot of the displays. She looked tired and unhappy to be there. I tried to help by being the last person in line and keeping the kids together, but there is only so much I am allowed to do as just a parent. Maybe I just don't have the patience for other people's kids and the lack of respect the same kids show to everyone. When it was over, we went back to the school and I headed back to the house.

It was a fun time. I like going on field trips with Junior. He's funny and likes to hold my hand and we discover new things together. It won't be long till he's grown up and not wanting Mom anywhere around him.... so I'll take these moments when I can get them.

Next time, though, I'm gonna wear Flamingo repellent!


upset waitress said...

Boys love their mommas. Don't expect him to not want to be around you anytime soon. My brother is 32 and still lives with his mother. She just took him on a field trip last week!!!

Christina LMT said...

Somehow I don't think Junior will be living at home when he's in his would cramp his style!

Blondie, I'm glad you guys had fun, amorous flamingos notwithstanding.

Blondefabulous said...

UPSET WAITRESS: He does love me, and I do baby him, but I am fearing that he will discover what girls are REALLY for and it'll be "BYE MOM!"

CHRISTINA LMT: Those birds were a hoot, I tell you what!

Finn said...

You are flamingo sexy, baby! Glad you had fun.