Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Got Nuthin'.

Really... I don't. Today has been a crock of poo covered in feces. First the news about Lisa, then HHH got the call that he didn't pass the "enhanced" background check the nursing home did, The play date people were late, the plumbing is acting weird again, and I am just done for the day. Top it all off with my stomach acting like I tried to down an entire bakery full of bread and it just made my day complete! Oh joy and rapture! {Note the sarcasm dripping off of that last statement.} HHH is meeting with another guy tomorrow about an appliance repair job. It can rake in anywhere between $200 a week to $1500 a week depending on how any appointments for repairs he gets. I guess we could deal with that.

So now I am in bed and watching "Soul Men" on DVD. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and dreary.... Perfect. That will close out a crappy weekend.

Maybe I just need a hot shower and a massage...... oh HHH!

Oh The Places You'll Go.... For Lisa.

You will come to a place where the streets are not marked.
Some windows are lighted. But mostly they're darked.
A place you could sprain both you elbow and chin!
Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?
How much can you lose? How much can you win?

And IF you go in, should you turn left or right...
or right-and-three-quarters? Or, maybe, not quite?
Or go around back and sneak in from behind?
Simple it's not, I'm afraid you will find,
for a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind.

You can get so confused
that you'll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place...

...for people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a Yes or a No
or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night
or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
or a sting of pearls, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
Everyone is just waiting.

That's not for you!

Somehow you'll escape
all that waiting and staying.
You'll find the bright places
where Boom Bands are playing.

With banner flip-flapping,
once more you'll ride high!
Ready for anything under the sky.
Ready because you're that kind of a guy!

Good bye Lisa. I never got to meet you in person, but you courage and strength inspiring. HHH and I are thinking of your family and friends. Fly Lisa, Fly.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuff..... You May Not Know.

Friday has come. I am so ready for the weekend. I am tired as heck this week and I just don't know why. It's weird. I was sure my case of the drowsies would leave when "Aunt Flo" left, but they did not. I am going to try and remedy this with diet and exercise. I have kind of fallen off the No Gluten wagon recently and I fear this is why I am tired. Sigh..... it is just so hard to resist a good sourdough. HHH and I stocked up on gluten free goodies from Whole Foods right down town. I almost choked when the cashier rung all of it up and it came to $118.25 for 3 small bags of items. We did get waffles, corn bread, breakfast bars, pizza, crackers, bread, and cranberry orange scones. I also took HHH by their seafood department and he was in awe of the selection. We ended up getting a side of salmon. Now to figure out just how we're going to cook it! I'm thinking balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and basil.... but that's just me.

The girls are having friends over tomorrow. Rebecca is having a girl from her dance class, and Morgan has asked if Jennesey can come over. (Jennesey is the daughter of our former neighbor, Mrs J.) It should be interesting. We finally have the house as unpacked as it's going to be. We also acquired a small couch. While HHH and I were shopping, we got plenty of healthy snacks like cheese cubes, fruit, hummus, and yogurt. (Rebecca's friend is a vegetarian.) Like I said, it should be interesting.

I delivered a cake to Mrs J. today. It was her husband's birthday and she requested one of my heirloom fudge cakes. You know... the one where I cover the entire cake in a layer of fudge instead of icing. Yeah..... the yummy one! Her children are already ordering cakes for their birthdays from me. As we walk home from the school, I hear..."Miss Nicole, can you make me a cookies and cream ice cream cake with chocolate icing?" or "Miss Micole, I want you to make me a chocolate cake with cool icing on it for my birthday, please?" It is too cute! The younger boy is so adorable. He is still angry at the office of the apartments for making us move. They took away his cookie lady!

HHH went to fill out new hire paperwork today. Now all we have to wait for is the background check to roll through and then he can go pee in a cup and take a TB test and then he'll be rolling. I'm very excited. The supervisor seems excited to have him. There were 115 other applicants for the 1 job that was available. I am proud of him. Now, I hope that check hurries up so HHH can stop moping around the house and get back to work. He's never truly happy unless he's working. On my front, I haven't gotten any positive feed back from any of the jobs I applied for. I got another rejection today. Eh.... it'll be OK.

The kid's birthdays are coming up. March 4th for Junior and March 8th for Morgan. I was wanting to throw them a skating party. For $13 a kid they do everything for you... cake, skates, invites, party planner... all of it. I was looking forward to skating, but my Ex is over $300 behind in support which is the only $$ we have coming in right now. When it comes in maybe we'll do it then. For now, we'll have a little family celebration on each day separately. I am still getting accused of having fraternal twins, even now. The two are 1/2 inch apart in height, 3 pounds different in weight, and 3 years and 4 days apart in age, yet they look so alike it's scary!

Well, that's all I have right now. I am trying to wake up but I think I am just going to cuddle up to HHH and get some rest. I'll start on eating right tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love.... I Have It.

I woke up this morning at the usual time and got the kids ready for school. As I was getting a froyo for Morgan to take to ballet, I turned and looked at the chalkboard by the fridge.

I have the Bestest Hubby Evar!

Just thought it needed to be said.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The Field Trip," Or "How I Got Felt Up By A Flamingo!!"

Yes, it was field trip day. Junior had already been talking about it for a straight week! It kinda sorta went something like this....

I get to the school and grab a juice from our stash in the nurses office. I ask where Junior's glucometer is and Cynthia, the office manager, tells me she has given it to the teacher already and to just go on over to the classroom. I walk down to the classroom and see the kids already lined up and ready to leave. (Hmmm..... a full 10 minutes BEFORE the time Ms. K told Junior to tell me to be there.) I look into the classroom and see, not Ms. K.... but some other woman. A rather dour looking soul who's expression said she wanted to be anywhere but with a class of first graders. I introduce myself and ask for Junior's glucometer. I am met with a blank stare. After fumbling around for a minute or two we find out that the teacher in charge has Junior's machine and I'd get it from her on the bus. OK. No Problem. We get on the bus, and head for the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

-style: italic;">Remember back when I was blogging about how the teacher was sending notes home about me not riding the bus and having to pay my way in and all that? Um... I had my $8 ready to go and the main teacher comes back out and says..."You're all taken care of." What? I'm all taken care of? What about all that talk of not being able to afford extra tickets and all that? I'll never be able to understand the workings of the school board. So we all go in and basically each class is on it's own except to be at a show about animals at the amphitheater. It was a good thing I did come along. The poor substitute teacher was already at her wits end! I don't blame her though, there were a few kids that were being complete asses.
In all, there were not just 65 first graders on this trip, THERE WERE 95!!!!! The above photo is of Junior's class.
Now if you look really closely at this photo, you'll notice there is a rather different kind of student in the line. A pink student. LOL! There were tame Flamingos at the Gardens. That one there was fond of people more than the rest. He just got right in line with the kids and walked along like any other student. It was hilarious! When we got to the Flamingo pond, there was a dispenser where you could get food pellets and feed the pretty pink birds. I dropped a quarter and gave the kids a little bit each of the food and they all took turns feeding the Flamingos. As I was feeding one bird in front of me, I suddenly feel something behind me! Something that licked my ear! Holy crap! It was another Flamingo. I looked over my shoulder and the pink bastard then dives for my cleavage! I squeak loudly and shuffle off out of reach. WTF man? I am being molested by a bird? Unnecessary. We mosey on and look at more birds, alligators, lemurs, monkeys, and prairie dogs.
Finally, we go to the animal show, watch the trainers do a show for differences in the animal kingdom, and then we round up all the rowdy munchkins and go back to the bus. Above is Junior with one of his female admirers. I took lots more photos. In the end, I guess the point of the trip was to learn about the differences in animals. There were many more animals to look at, but the substitute was so bedeviled by the kids, she just skipped past a lot of the displays. She looked tired and unhappy to be there. I tried to help by being the last person in line and keeping the kids together, but there is only so much I am allowed to do as just a parent. Maybe I just don't have the patience for other people's kids and the lack of respect the same kids show to everyone. When it was over, we went back to the school and I headed back to the house.

It was a fun time. I like going on field trips with Junior. He's funny and likes to hold my hand and we discover new things together. It won't be long till he's grown up and not wanting Mom anywhere around him.... so I'll take these moments when I can get them.

Next time, though, I'm gonna wear Flamingo repellent!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Hits Just Keep Coming....

Today was another day. Another day in the line of days that has seen HHH and I interviewing and looking for work. HHH had an interview today and so did I. It's starting to grate on my nerves.....

The plumbing in this house we are renting is crappy, and by crappy I mean it sucks major donkey penis! If I am doing the laundry, the toilets gurgle and won't flush. The hot water tank only holds 20 gallons and today when we got back from my interview, I saw water running out from under the house. HHH looked and there was a broken pipe. Great. When the pipes started acting funny, we called the landlord. He just chuckled and said, "I had 6 people living here before you all, and they never called me for anything like this." Hmmmm... you may have thought you had only 6 people living here, but odds are he had 10 people living here... 4 extra illegally. Hey... it happens.

The ice cream truck rolled through the neighborhood today. I say rolled through because I heard the music from the truck when it turned onto the street. As it approached the rail road tracks, the guy turned off the music and gunned the engine and sped through the neighborhood. After clearing the neighborhood, the bastard slowed back down and turned the music back on. What. The. Fuck? I have counted at least 15 to 20 kids here on our street alone...... what is it about this neighborhood that the ice cream man didn't like? Does he know something I don't, but should???? Hmmm.....

Tomorrow is field trip day. You know, the field trip that they thought I wasn't going to go on with Junior because they "wouldn't have room" for me to accompany him on the bus, and we'd have to take a cab yadda yadda yadda.... yeah. That field trip. Junior's teacher just doesn't seem to want parents anywhere near her classroom. Today, Junior came home from school with a message. Seems that I am to arrive at 9:20am for this field trip. The trip leaves at 9:30am. Hmmm.... not too much room errors there. I guess she is subtly hinting that she doesn't want me getting there early and observing the class. I have never had a teacher so bent on keeping me out of the classroom! Usually, they are clamoring for help, volunteers, room mom's, etc..... This lady is weird. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm gonna get there at 9.

I heard something today that made me sad. Really sad. Lisa from Clusterfook isn't long for this world. Karl from Secondhand Tryptophan has been keeping us all updated on what has been going on, and he says it's almost over. I hope she passes peacefully, with her girls and Dude by her side. I hope to see a little Lisa in everything in the world; her never give up attitude, her sense of humor in spite of everything, and her love of her family and friends. The world is going to be a little darker without her light shining in it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Ethel.... Git Me A Shovel!

I was given an award by HoosierGirl the other day. Seems she thinks that I'd be an excellent person to call when she has.... say..... some spring cleaning to do, or a BBQ to go to, or perhaps bury a body or two. I guess you could say I am a resourceful person. I deal with all kinds of crap on a daily basis, so I guess you could say if a close friend came over and said, "Hey man...... I took out my Ex in one shot. Can you help me mulch the MF-er?" I'd ask if she needed to use my truck.

Now, I get to name a few friends whom I think are "Great Buddies". People who would help me bury a few bodies if I needed the manpower. Here we go....

CHRISTINA LMT: This woman is awesome with a capital A! She lives and works in Sin City itself and as her name states... she's a massage therapist, so you know she sees a more than a few people who make her want to commit murder! Top all that off with the fact that she is dropping weight like a bad habit so she is looking fine as hell! I'd hit the strip with her any day and we'd hit the desert to bury anyone who got in our way!

UPSET WAITRESS: This chick is crazy as hell! I started reading her blog a while ago because it was so off the wall. I lost her for a while, but she just added me on Twitter and we picked up touch again. She's still crazy, talking about chimps eating people, idiots beating cats on You Tube, and her old man taking her out to Taco Bell on VD! The woman is probably the only one I know who could kill someone and hide the body all by herself, so you KNOW she's someone who I'd want to help me with that!

KVEGAS911: This lady is cool under pressure, plus, being a 911 dispatcher, she would know just where to hide the body and how to do it so if it ever got discovered, it wouldn't lead back to us!

DAD'S WHO MOCK: Russ and Jasper are deep in the trenches every day, so asking them to help dig one shouldn't be a big deal. Jasper works for a school while Russ is a stay st home dad, so I am sure eventually I will be called upon to return the favor. (Out-Laws, faculty, neighbors....) I'm sure if I ever needed help burying a body or two, they'd lend a hand.

OK, so there you go.... now, if you'd like to join in on this 6 feet under fun..... here's what you have to do.....

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award up to ten other bloggers.
4. Add links to those blogs in yours.
5. Leave your awardee's a message about getting awarded.

So.... do you know anyone who would help YOU bury a body??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mi Casa En La Calle Ocho.

I guess everyone knows we moved right? Well, if you didn't know, you do now. Sarasota is kind of a seasonal resort town. We are close to the beach, close to museums, and close to shopping. All of THAT means that everything here is rather expensive. The rent is expensive, the electric and water is expensive, and the miscellaneous items that you use everyday are expensive. When we moved, we had to put down first, security, and water deposits. It was quite a bit of money and if we hadn't gotten our taxes we would have been screwed. One of the problems of trying to find a place to rent in a resort town was everyone wanted $$$ for what little they had. For us to find a place that was big enough and decent looking, we had to look at neighborhoods that didn't exactly "fit" our demographic. The place we found was right down the street from the apartment complex.... but it was across the tracks. No, really.... we cross the railroad tracks to get to our house. It's pretty much an OK neighbor hood. It's quiet mostly, there are families who have kids who go to my kid's school..... We have discovered one thing, though, that has made the list of..."Oh crap." when talking about this neighborhood. Mariachi.

By Mariachi, I mean the music. It seems the Latinos who live here work hard all week and when Friday comes, they let loose. BOY.... do they let loose! The Mariachi music starts around 5:30 or 6pm, and doesn't end until usually midnight! Last night it must have been someones cumpleanos or something. The music was accompanied by a bar-b-q, lots of dancing and music that stayed going on into the wee hours. HHH had fallen asleep around 11pm when the Mariachi was still at a dull roar, but 2am rolled around and suddenly the music got decidedly louder! I'm talking the house across the street where all this was taking place sounded like it was in my living room! HHH and I were shaken out of a sound sleep and I had had enough! I looked up the non-emergency number for the police department and asked if they would go and ask the people to turn their music down or off. It was 2 am people! Come on. I like to party just as much as the next girl..... but I have kids who were trying to sleep. Hell, I was trying to sleep!! About 10 minutes go by and the music abruptly get shut off. I peek out the windows and see the cop car out there. I think the officer was telling them to rope it in and turn it down. Either way, HHH and I went back to sleep.

So,now having experienced 2 weekends in the new house, I can say I will more than likely experience a little more of the Hispanic culture, which is OK with me. The neighbors work long and hard during the week and we almost never hear a peep out of them. They deserve to let loose on the weekends! We all do.

I wonder if they will like me playing Cledus T. Judd and such when I feel like partying?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hero Worship.

I saw this on Finn's and Dave's blogs and had to try it. Get your own Hero here. While I was puttering around on the "Make Me a Hero" site, HHH saw it and then we had the whole family in on the thing! The above hero is me as I made me.
Then, there's HHH like I made him.
Then there's HHH like he made himself. It was all kinds of fun.

Other than that, we've just been chilling at the house. HHH has made me breakfast, lunch, & dinner today, he's so sweet! I have been so damn tired for the last 4 days, but I am attributing that to my "Aunt Flo" being here this week and being 3 times heavier than normal. I love peri-menopause. {<---- sarcasm.} Maybe my hero should have been named the Red Tide Avenger!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Gate Keeper.

Ever since we moved about a block away from where we were, I have been driving the kids to school in the morning. We get up about 6"15 am and everyone gets ready and we get going around 7 on the daily circuit. First stop is the Middle School where Rebecca gets dropped jogs off as fast as possible from the car with a fleeting wave to me as she does so. Then, it's time to drive over the Morgan and Juniors school.... Good ol' Tuttle ES. We get there a little early... the rules say you can't drop off kids before 7:30 am. So, we sit in the parking lot and chat a little, make jokes, and talk about spelling, math, and other things scholastic. Finally, 7:30 rolls around and we head into the school. I still walk the kids in to the nurses station and make sure they hand over their glucometers and all. Then it's time for kisses and hugs and then they go in to have breakfast in the cafeteria.

Lately, there has been this one Hispanic teacher who has been hassling us about this. It seems that even though the gate to the school opens at 7:30, the office doesn't "officially" open until 7:45. Why does this matter to me? Well, it doesn't. I'm not there to talk to anyone, have a meeting with a teacher, or see anyone in the guidance office. I am just there to make sure my kids drop off their stuff and leave. End of story. Well, Ms. Thing at the gate has decided that she's going to take it upon herself to "educate" me on the fact that the office isn't open technically for another 15 minutes and I will need to wait. I pointed out to her that I wasn't there to meet with anyone, I was just assuring that the glucometes got dropped off and then to leave. Having to wait another 15 minutes takes that same 15 minutes from my children for eating breakfast, and that isn't fair to them. She counters with, "Well, you will have to check with the nurse and make sure it's OK with her that you are dropping off things in the office." (The attitude is just dripping off of her as she said it.) OK. Fine. Later that same day, I go back to pick up the kids from school. (I still walk up there in the afternoon.) I got there early enough to explain to Desiree (the nurse), what has been going on, why we are arriving 15 minutes earlier, and can we drop off the stuff early. She says sure, no problem, (this lady is awesome!) and just to be sure, I check with Cynthia, the receptionist, and get her approval as well.

Not the next day, but the day after that, we get to the school, wait for 7:30 and start walking in to the school, and sure enough, Ms. Thing moves to stand right in front of us and says to me, "You will have to wait until 7:45 to enter the office. Thank you." I take a VERY deep breath and say to her, " I spoke to Desiree and Cynthia and they said it was alright for us to come and drop off the glucometers." She literally spins around on her heels, and stomps off muttering "Well, we'll see if you have permission. I'll go ask Cynthia." I mean it. She was stomping into the office like a two year old who was pissed off about not getting to play with a brand new toy! Ms. Thing marches up to Cynthia's desk and asks, "Did you give this mother permission to enter the office early?" Cynthia says yes and that I had talked to both her and Desiree about it and that it was OK with them. Ms. Thing then spins around again and flounces out of the office muttering, "No one ever tells me anything!" all the while giving me a dirty look.

Um.... aren't we adults here? At the beginning of the year, this woman was pleasant, nice, and all around decent. I don't know what to say about all of this. It's just juvenile.

Who knew I would get into a playground scuffle at my age!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


That would be me. Snoring. I am so tired I could drop. We finished up that house and it looks awesome. The land lord had an electrician come by and replace all the ancient sockets in the entire house. While we were painting and cleaning, we'd hear a surprised chuckle or an "Oh my goodness." coming from the other rooms. It seems whoever had lived there before had done a little DIY improvement on their own and jury rigged some of the outlets for who knows what!!! We heard phrases like "Fire trap", "Messed up", and "Holy shit! What the hell is that??" I remember thinking to myself... "Well, that can't be good!" (Hey Blonde I hijacked your blog to say I LOVE YOU!!)

So we got it all done and the landlord was impressed. (I guess he hasn't seen someone actually scrub cabinet doors in a long while.) After we were done, HHH sprayed the place down with bug spray and we closed it up and left. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get another place to clean out and redo..... heck, maybe we should make a business of it.

Right now, I am so tired... I'm literally nodding off as I type this. Oops! Wait a minute. Just had another couple of druggies come to the door. HHH scared them off! w00t! Go HHH! There has to be something said about a half nekkid man all pumped up for a fight with throwing knives in one hand and a Pirate's Saber in the other!! ROWR!!!!! ( Oh, and I can't forget the Scooby Doo "Stud" pajama pants he was wearing.)

So, intrepid readers, I am going to relax, snuggle with HHH, and watch "Burn Notice". Glad the weekend is almost here!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Holy crap!!! I am sore in all of my body, and by all I mean even the places between my toes! HHH and I have been working for our landlord, an all around good guy, and he has been knocking off $$$ from our rent. Today, HHH and I were cleaning and painting a duplex he wants to get rented out quickly. It was a nice place(a large 2/1), but whoever lived there didn't really take care of the place. It was infested with bugs and was kind of dirty. No biggie. We got there at 8 am and started painting away. We took a break for lunch and another to get the kids after school but spent most of the day painting. It looks pretty good too. I told HHH we were getting way too good at painting and rehabbing places. He laughed.

Now, we are so sore it's hard to move. Me and Mr. Tylenol PM are going to be great friends tonight! HHH is pretty sore too. Since he is the tallest, he got the job of doing the ceilings. Ceilings=sore neck and back. I got the job of trimming out the interior. Trimming= sore knees and joints. Either or.... the place looks good! About half way through, the Landlord swung by and was very impressed! He was really impressed that I was trimming out the chair rail in the dining room and that I knew what a chair rail was and that it should be trimmed in a contrasting color. ( what can I say, I know my decorating stuff.) I bet he'll be even more impressed when he comes tomorrow to unlock the place so we can finish up.

One of the things we found while cleaning the place out was quite a few converter boxes. I mean we found Dish TV boxes, Direct TV boxes, at least 4 Verizon FIOS boxes, 2 digital Internet boxes, and a Scientific Atlanta box that I have no idea what it goes to. There was also car DVD players, CD players, and tons of coax cable. We put it all out on the street next to the curb. Tomorrow is trash day. Now.... knowing that tomorrow is trash day, I knew putting all that out on the curb would allow time for anyone recycling things to come and get what they wanted before the trash truck comes in the morning. There was also quite a few Little Tykes play sets. There was a Power Wheels Kawasaki Ninja, a castle jungle gym, and a slide. We put that out there as well. Hopefully someone who has a child the right age will go by and pick it up. It was all still in pretty good condition. I hope everyone can get what they want before the trash and recycling guys come by.

So now We are tired, relaxing, and gearing up for tomorrow when we finish it all up. If the landlord likes the job he says he has another place for us to clean and paint. If we keep this up, we'll be paid off on next month's rent! Never let it be said that I don't like a little hard work.

Now, where are my pain killers?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interviews, Resume's, & Trolls.

So today was almost a bust. After the massive unpackable horror that was yesterday, I was up and at 'em for today. After getting the kids off to school, HHH got a call from an apartment complex about coming for an interview. Whoo hoo right? We pack up the resumes, licenses, and references, get in the truck, and drive to Bradenton. Right as we are pulling into the parking lot......RING RING!! It's the same woman saying never mind. She was checking HHH's background and he isn't suitable for the position she has available. What. The. Hell? Honestly? Is that really how it is going to play out? I thought the woman would have read the resume before hand and decided if HHH was a good fit, not 60 minutes later after we had already arrived at the apartments! Oh my goodness. So we wasted gas, and time for nothing. well, not just nothing. HHH did put in an application at an entertainment establishment.

I have been job searching as well. I have put n my resume at a few places. I may have an interview tomorrow. The COO of a hotel called and asked about the resume I submitted. He did a short phone interview and said the Head of Hospitality would be giving me a call tomorrow. I am psyched.

Other than that, nothing else actually going on. Oh, I did get my first troll razzing me in my comments on yesterday's post. Sorry if I sounded all holier than thou, but my landlord of 1 week got cited by the one code enforcement officer that happened to drive by right after someone had scattered the boxes and assorted recyclables all over the curb, street, & yard for the eighth time. It happened when I was setting up my desk area with all my important papers and such and I missed it when it had happened. So yes, Lee, I was a little upset. I may get charged the fine by the landlord... you know..... a little pass the buck, but like you said..... I have blog friends who helped me out once, maybe they will again! {sarcasm}

Now off to sleep. I have a cleaning appointment in the morning for the landlord. Maybe he'll let us work off the citation for him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Unpack Attack!

Yes, today was the day that I unpacked almost all of the boxes in the house. (It's only been a week since we moved in here.) For some reason, I got a bug in my bum to start unpacking, do laundry, and clean the house all in one felled swoop! This being President's Day and all, the kids were off from school, but I was in no mood to deal with a whole bunch of "Mom! I'm hungry!" or "Mom!! They won't ride bikes with me!", or any of that mess. The best way to keep the family from bothering me is to start in on a Mt. Everest of chores and they'll run as far away as possible to keep from being roped into helping. It got done never the less. I did however, have a few bumps in the path....

As I have stated before, I don't know how it happened, but I totally missed the fact that this house has only ONE small closet in the ENTIRE place!! How the hell did I not see that when we were looking at the place?? Was I smoking crack? Was I somehow sucked into some kind of space time continuum?? I have no idea. Once HHH pointed out this fact to me though, it was too late. We had already made our deposit and first month and a half rent payments! I fixed this problem by buying two brackets and a wooden dowel and making a sort of rack in the corner of the room. I am the MacGuyver of cleaning and storage problems!

The lady next door may be certifiably crazy. I was hanging out the laundry since it was a warm, breezy day and as I was doing so, the woman from next door struck up a conversation. Now, all day I have been hearing her scream obscenities at her children. Her day was filled with F-you's and F-ing this, and F-ing that..... It didn't stop. I was feeling sorry for her family and I was hoping she would close her window so my kids didn't have to be exposed to that. No such luck. She was as sweet as pie as she chatted about how she had a dryer for sale if we'd like to look at it, her RELATIVES used to live here in the house we now occupy, (glad I didn't make any drug dealer jokes!), and oh she just had back surgery and she is in constant pain and just ignore her screaming at her family because they are taking advantage of her being unable to move around well and she has to scream at them. Um..... OK. What ever. It was nice to meet you, I have to go now. I must look like June Cleaver next to this woman! I made cookies for my family the other night. Just don't ask where the Beve is! ;-)

Scavengers can suck my frickin ass! All day, as I have emptied the boxes our stuff was unceremoniously shoved into, I have been carefully stacking the boxes inside one another and stacking them by the curb so when the recycling truck comes, they can process them into the truck quickly. Not 5 minutes passed when some jerk drove up, rifled through all the boxes looking for something of value, totally knock them all down and spread them out all over, and drive off. Frickin' jerks! This repeated itself at least 7 times today. Each and every time, I went back outside, re stacked what was left, (some people took a box or two...), and then continued with my unpacking and sorting. It was frustrating! It was maddening! It was pissing me off! Have the common decency to at least neatly stack the boxes back like you found them. Oh and what kind of MORON actually thinks I would put anything of value out there for anyone and everyone to go through? Frickin' twits! It's on the curb for a reason people!!!!

And that's pretty much it. I am 95% unpacked and now all that's left is hanging up the pictures and art. All except Velvet Elvis. He went up first thing!

Hey....... ya gotta have priorities yo!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

True Love.

These are my children.... well, two of them at least. The girl on the right is Morgan... Mo-Mo for short and the boy she is out climbing is Junior... over on the left. The difference between them is just astounding! Whereas Mo thinks boys are a bothersome ilk, made to be on this Earth to be nothing more than her punching bags, Junior finds girls to be fascinating! I believe I wrote a post stating how he told me he had no less than 10 girlfriends, so you can see where this is going. Well, this past Valentine's Day was no exception. HHH and I told him we wouldn't have a whole lot of money for 10 to 15 gifts for 10 to 15 girlfriends, so he had to narrow it down to one special one. (and this was BEFORE HHH got canned at work!) After the homeless nonsense, we have been VERY short on cash after having to set up a whole new residence. Enter Valentine's Day. Or rather, the day before.... Junior tore apart his packed boxes, got out his piggy bank with his scrimped, saved, & scrounged coins, and begged us to take him to Wall to Wall Mart so he could look for a gift.

We got there and HHH counted out the coins and he had a little over $3. HHH then helped Junior pick out a heart shaped candy box that had a kitten on the front saying, "You're My Purrrrrfect Valentine.", a candy flower bouquet, and a Happy Valentine's Day balloon. Each one was a dollar and he was ecstatic! He could not wait to go to school the next day and give his girl the gifts.

At the end of the day, I went to go get him from the school and I asked him how it went. He had a great big smile and said "Great mom. She's my girlfriend now!" he started laughing and I asked why he was, and he said to me, "I stole her from so and so, then I did the Boom I got your girlfriend dance." I almost died laughing. I asked Mo how her day went, and she tells me, "I almost put my fist through 3 boys faces.... but I didn't."

That's my girl right there!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

'Scuse Me,.... I Don't Know This Guy!

Last night was interesting. If you follow me on Twitter, you read about strange visitors coming to our back door last night. LATE last night. You didn't see it? Oh well, let me tell you....

HHH and I were snuggling down in bed, watching Psych on USA. It was their Friday the 13th episode and we had been waiting for it to come on. It was awesome and spooky and all kinds of funny as hell. After it was over we started watching a rerun of House and suddenly.....


There was a loud urgent knock at the back door. We weren't expecting anyone, and having just moved into the place on Monday, didn't think any of our friends had decided to make a late night visit. HHH got up and started rooting through his top drawer. I didn't know what the hell he was doing until I saw him come out with his throwing knives. Then, it clicked. We don't know who is on the opposite side of the door in our new neighborhood we just moved into. Who ever it is, they decided to skip the front door that is in view of the road and lit by street lights, and go all the way around the house to the back door which isn't in sight of ANYTHING! I grabbed my pirate sword, (The great big real one that would actually do a great deal of damage!) and back HHH up in the kitchen. We flip on the back porch light and I look out the kitchen window to see a strange woman standing on the deck. I tell HHH this, he palms the knives just in case, opens the door and asks in a brusque tone what the woman wants. She asks for some guy we have never heard of. HHH tells her that that person no longer lives at this address and she almost runs off the porch. I go to the front windows and see her walk off down the street. This was puzzling, but eh..... we get back in bed and get all comfy again. Not 10 minutes later.....


Someone is AGAIN at the back door! WTF is this hinkey shit? We grab our weapons of choice yet again and go back to the door. This time it's some guy looking for the same individual the first woman was searching for. We tell him the same thing, if a little more forcefully, that the person he's looking for no longer resides at this address. Please go away! This guy jogs off to a car parked out front in our driveway and screeches off as fast as possible.

Now, you tell me..... strange people, late at night, not wanting to be seen so they come to the back door, almost running when the guy they are looking for isn't there.....


Apparently, the people who rented this house before us must have been dealers. It is the only thing I could think of. All of that happened on Friday night, so Lord only knows what will happen tonight. I guess I need to put up a sign that says:


Sheesh! I wish the land lord had said something. He probably just wanted to get the place rented. A nice family must be worlds better that a drug dealer. Still, a little advance notice of, "Oh by the way, a few strange people may stop by looking for the former tenant, but don't worry, they will run away like roaches in the light when they find out he's no longer living here!" Is that too much to ask? Just a little up front honesty.... that's all I ask for!

Also, we got our Internet installed today. Verizon had to come out and do this big day deal so we could get FIOS! Yes, that super spiffy Internet thingy they have been advertising the hell out of lately. We now have this really huge white box mounted on the front wall next to the door. It's fast as they say it is... I am impressed. I am slowly coming out of Internet withdrawal.

Also, today is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I received candy, a yellow rose, and many hand made cards from my children. I made them heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, rustic chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, and roasted hen for dinner w/ chocolate chip cookies for dessert! That's how I show my love......... FOOOOOOD!!! yes, I'll make you fat with love.

So anyway, I'll be blogging more often again. I'll also keep everyone updated on what's going on around here.

Now I have to be running. I think I hear a knock at the door. Where's me sword, matey!!!!????

Friday, February 13, 2009

Short And Sweet.

Ha ha... just like me! I have been living Internet free for almost 2 weeks now. We have been mainly bouncing off other people or bouncing off public access points until Saturday when we will be getting Fios installed in the house. I didn't think anyone came and installed on a Saturday, let alone Valentine's Day.... but that is when we have our appointment scheduled. Right now I am at a public library here in Sarasota on Fruitville Rd. It smells like feet, there is a "special daytime hooker" using one of the public computers, and Howdy Doody the library card Nazi almost wouldn't let us get a library card!!! WTF man? I know I haven't been to a public library in a long time.... but man! They have gone down hill. Funny thing is, it looks like a brand new building on the outside! Guess you can't judge a book by it's cover! Bwah ha ha ha!

So anyway.... please send HHH lots of good thoughts and vibes and all that jazz. He's still on the hunt for a job that actually pays a decent wage.... or a living wage anyway. I am trying to unpack the house as best as I can. One thing I didn't notice was the entire 3 Br/2Ba has only 1 small closet!!!! Yep. 1. Weird right? So I have to come up with some innovative ways to hang up our stuff. I already have one plan worked out. Now it's off to Wall to Wall Mart to pick up scripts for the kids. I figured I'd give them one more chance. Heck.... maybe the good Karma of that will come back to me! See ya!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Honestly!

I was tagged over at HoosierGirl's place. I am supposed to state 10 honest things about me. {shudder} Hmmm... do we really need to do this? Oh OK.... here goes!

1) I love flowers! When I was in high school I wanted to be a florist. I figured, "Hey! People are always dying or getting married... and they'll need flowers for that, right?" I learned about flora culture, but never followed it through.

2) I think I need a full time therapist. After what happened a little while ago(you know), I am thinking i need someone who can professionally approach my problems and help me deal a little better with them. They say if you can recognize you need help, then you are not too far gone..... or maybe that's a line from Charlie Brown Christmas, I'm not sure.

3) I love cartoons. Always have. From Disney to Family Guy.

4) I am goofy obsessed with Psych on USA. It's just too damn funny!

5) I want an iPhone. I drool over them in my dreams. I can't, however, justify the cost of one versus spending that kind of coin on my family instead. Le sigh......

6) I often think it is because I did something during my pregnancy's that caused my two youngest children to have diabetes. There is no family history of it, so something had to happen... right?

7) I looooooooove being the happy house wife! I embrace it with a passion! I want to stay a house wife, but I fear that won't happen with this terrible economy!

8) Horror movies give me wicked nightmares! Last time I watched one was "The Happening" and it gave me the heebie jeebbies all night!

9) I drive like a little 88 year old woman. Other people's driving scares me! I wish we could go back to a time when there were no cell phones to text on or talk on while driving. I want people to actually drive according to the drivers hand book. I like turn signals when used properly. I actually signal 100 feet before an intersection. I want common courtesy on the roadways. It's not that hard.

10) I have never done any kind of illicit drugs. In college I was at a party where some of the kids were smoking pot and I got hives from the smoke itself! I didn't know what it was at the time and when I went to the university clinic about the rash, they smelled the pot in my hair, drug tested me, saw I hadn't actually smoked it, and diagnosed the allergy. I also found out that if I had "smoked out", I probably would have had a serious allergic reaction and possibly died. I got hives from just the oils in the smoke, I don't wanna know what sort of crap would have happened if I had smoked the stuff. I don't smoke either.

So there you go. 10 honest things about me. I now tag Christina LMT, Russ, and Putz. Have fun and be honest out there!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The "I'm Sorry" Trip

So we took the kids to Universal as sort of an apology for the fucked upidness. Our passes are good until Feb. 23rd so all it cost us was gas and food. It was also the first night of Mardi Gras as well. There was a thing online that said there were some new floats in the parade.

We started the day at IOA. Junior and Morgan wanted to climb the wall at Jurassic Park. I apparently gave birth to two monkey children because they were shinnying up that expert wall faster than the adults climbing on the easy side!!
Then, they rappelled down.
HHH got his photo taken with Marylin when we went back over to Universal.
Then it was time for the parade!
This was one of the new floats. It was themed "Wild West". It was pretty cool.
Here was the "Fantasy" float.
This shot is crappy.... but that was because the "Horror" float was shooting out fake smoke in an effort to look spooky. All it did was make it hard to actually see the float.
This was the "literature" float.
And the one I likes the best was the "Pirate" float.... but that's only because HHH and I got married at TI in Vegas!!!

The band for the night was KC & the Sunshine Band. They were awesome! "Do a little dance, Make a little love.... Get down tonight!" Oh and we can't forget, "Play that funky music". Finally, we went back to the motel and relaxed for the evening. The kids were out like a light and I needed pain meds because, like a dumbass, I played DDR with Rebecca again today. DUMB IDEA!! (I still won though.) So hopefully the kids forgive us for the homeless nonsense and such from last week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Celiac's.... Schmeliac's....

I am going to write about how different life has been for Mo and myself ever since we have been diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. Yes, life has been very different. It has also become a pain in the ass!

In my life I have enjoyed the bread of existence. I am an admitted Krispy Kreme addict. I am a baker of cake and pastry. How the hell Karma decides it would be good to give me a disease where I can no longer enjoy those very things is beyond me. The siren smell of fresh home made bread baking in the oven is one of my happiness triggers! Now I can look and smell, but no longer taste. THAT FUCKING BLOWS!!!! Morgan hasn't learned about all the wonders of baguettes, sour dough, and challah.... so she really doesn't know what she's missing. Me, on the other hand, I know exactly what I am missing. Once again.... with feeling...... THAT FUCKING BLOWS!!

As of January first, Mo and I have been gluten free. We made a pact, (and promised many a gastroenterologist), to give up the gluten. For the most part, we have been without gluten. (Think lot's of meat, rice, and veggies.) Going out to restaurants can be tricky. I twittered and blogged my delight at Carrabba's having a gluten free menu, and I found out that Outback had a gluten free option on the ordering system the servers use to input their orders so the kitchen can leave off the gluten containing products. Most places though, do not have a separate menu.... so it's either salad or some sort of grilled meat. We call it the steak and baked potato diet! The kids meals are another story. Most of them are breaded or fried, or contain pasta. Yeah..... not so good. Morgan usually can't eat 95% of what is on most kids meal menus. I usually share something with her off of the adult menus to alleviate this problem. Recently, I went to a McDonalds over here in Sarasota and asked them to make me a Quarter pounder with cheese hold the bread. The guy behind the counter didn't even blink, rang it up, and even got me a knife and fork so I could eat it. OH MY GOD! I hadn't had a hamburger since July and I was in heaven!!! Mad props to that Mickey D's for helping a girl out with her greasy burger fix.

Stopping all gluten has helped in the weight loss department. I've dropped about 10 to 15 pounds in my estimate. (I am not doing the scale thing.) I am fitting into clothes I haven't been in in a long while and I am more energetic. I'm also sleeping better. Less stomach upset = more restful sleep. One of the down sides I have noticed is I am now SUPER SENSITIVE to gluten in everything now. Having gone a full month without gluten, my stomach now knows what it is to feel better... good even! Now when I have the least little bit of glutenous food.... I either become violently ill or I am channeling some sort of Montezuma's revenge! I had a Super Bowl party where we had gluten foods available and I partook of some of it. BAD IDEA!!! The next morning I was dry heaving and barfing for the rest of the day. Oh yeah.... it wasn't pretty. So now, I am even more inclined to stick to the gluten free thing.

So there we are.... Mo and I...... living la vida loca without gluten. I miss bread. I miss crackers. I miss garlic bread sticks at the Olive Garden.......

But I bet I will feel alot better without them.

And on that note.... I just ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holy Shit!!!!!

Excuse the language everyone! We are saved!! We received the tax money late today!!!! I am so happy. I did a small dance of joy when HHH said the text came through about the direct deposit! We also have a deposit on a house! It's a small fixer upper, but it is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and has a yard AND it's in the same neighborhood we lived in at the apartment complex. We can't move in until Monday, so we took the money you all generously donated and applied that to a nicer hotel room than the sleep cheap we were in last night. We also put down the water deposit and switched off the electric at the apartment in preparation to turn it on at the new house.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes..... because only a zillion voices raised in hope could make the IRS work at getting us our money 5 days earlier than than they said it would! Now we don't have to pay for a whole month on the storage. Now we don't have to spend ignorant amounts of money on weekly motel rooms while we wait. Now we can get a start on job hunting for real, not just seat of your pants filling out of applications. Employers like it when you have an address to put down on the applications. Now we have that taken care of courtesy of Uncle Sam and Mr. Obama. (He did say he wanted to streamline the IRS and all.)

Now that we are OK, if you still feel the need to donate, I will be passing it along to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. With two kids under 10 with type one diabetes, it is our charity of choice and a good one to boot! I will pass along our good fortune. Heck, when we went and got dinner tonight, our waitress told us she and her husband are home improvement business owners who just had to let 2 crews of workers go because they didn't have enough work for them. Now she is waiting tables at a Denny's just to pay the bills. We left about a 25% tip. I thought she was going to cry. Pass it along, I say!

Pass it along........

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q & A With Blondefabulous.

Hello from the mediocre sleep cheap we are now inhabiting. We are all here and we are all fine. I am truly greatful for all the help we have been recieving! Once we get somewhere stable, I am going to send a big thank you to each and every one of you angles out there who are helping us. In the mean time, several of you are asking some questions that deserve answers. If Congress can demand answers from the big banks and corporations about what is going on.... well then damn it! So can you!! Here goes...

1. Why don't you just file your taxes and get an RAL? Good question. The problem with that solution is 3 days before HHH was let go from the company, we had e-filed our taxes off to good old Uncle Sam. Had we known in advance that this was going to happen, we would have waited and then gone to H&R Block or Amscot and gotten our money right away. As it is, the IRS website says we will have our refund on Febuary 10th and I am hoping they stick to that!

2. Why did HHH get sacked? Good question as well. How does one go from valued employee to yesterday's news in 6 months? The economy, that's how! We checked into HHH's dismissal and found out a few peculiar details. Details like there is now only ONE maintenance man for each of the complexes. The company also is only running ONE housekeeper for both of the complexes. Apparently, there was going to be some downsizing and the managers were just waiting for the first person to screw up to fire them. Unfortunatly for us, it was HHH.

3. What was I thinking when I got that "bridge" idea? Yeah, um..... I have always been a little depressed for most of my life. Alcoholic, abusive parents, half sister who hated me and treated me like crap growing up, shitty first marriage that ended up with the wacko shooting at me and the kids...... all of that develops a low sense of self esteem in someone. Like I said yesterday, I was at ROCK BOTTOM, and I don't mean that place over by Bikini Bottom. Perhaps I will check into medication soon..... maybe borrow Ms. M's therapist, I don't know. I'll figure it out after we get somewhere stable.

4. How can I help out Blondefabulous and her family? Well, thanks to suggestions by my awesome and totally rad readers, I now have a PayPal account where you can go and donate what ever you want to help keep the kids and us off the street and out of the truck. We really appreciate it. More than you will ever know. Just go to PayPal and type in for the send to line then do what ever you like. Like I said yesterday, I'd shake it on a corner for cash if I thought I'd get anything so I could keep a roof over my kids head and a fridge for their insulin. I want to tell you all how much I deeply appreciate what you have done for us.

So, that's it for now. I won't go into how much of a bitch the apartment manager was when she was checking over the place. I was barely keeping my mouth shut. I did laugh when she aske, "So, do you guys have somewhere to go?" Um.... yeah but only because other people cared enough to help us. Once again, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sniff..... Sniff......

I don't know what to say. I just don't. I had planned on taking an early exit last night. There was no moon, it was cold and crisp, and the ocean that I so loved was calling my name. I don't know. I think when the rental company came to get the furniture we were rental/purchasing (even though we were only 3 days late) I had a small nervous break down. No, scratch that.... I had a HUGE nervous breakdown. On top of everything else, even the guys who rented me a couch were snatching shit right out from under me! I was just shattered. Into a million little pieces. I came down to the pool and wrote my blog totally intending to end it all last night. Hey, one less mouth to feed, right? I figured the people who cared about me more than my own family had a right to know what was going to happen, plus HHH would look to my blog first if I ever came up missing.

What happened was HHH would not go to sleep. Nope. He sat there in bed and waited me out, almost like he had some sort of premonition...... some inkling of what was going to transpire. He waited and put on some boring damn TV show and finally I was out like a light at 1 am. A full day of sadness and rage had done my energy in.

The next morning I woke and checked my email. I was still sad, numb even, but going through the motions of getting the kids ready for school, and there they were. Messages. Lots of them. Telling me not to go.... not to do it..... not to give up on the life that has brought nothing but darkness and sorrow dotted with brief periods of sunlight. Messages of hope. Messages of help. Messages that made me cry all morning as they poured in one after the other! I couldn't believe it! I was afraid to believe it. I thought I was dreaming, but I was not. I wasn't sure what to do. The suggestions were many, and I acted of a few of them. One suggestion being start a paypal account. That one wasn't easy. You see, I am a giving soul. I'll give you the shirt off of my back if you need it. I'll make you dinner and a free birthday cake if you're hungry. Need a place to crash, come on over and hit the couch. Need a party catered but can't afford the price of such an affair? You buy the supplies and I'll make you a shindig you'll never forget! It's just who I am. I want to win the lottery and open a no kill animal shelter. It has always been a dream of mine. Now, take that giving heart and tell it it has to ASK for help.

Yeah...... hardest thing I ever had to do.

But you all are right. My family is worth it. I'd go shake it down on the corner if it meant my kids would have somewhere to live. (I haven't lost enough weight yet.... but maybe in a few months....) So I am asking. I HATE having to ask, but I am asking. I set up the PayPal account. You'll find it under my email address, . I tried to find one of those handy little buttons to put on here, but no dice. If anyone knows where those are feel free to tell me.

Last night I hit rock bottom. Today I told HHH what I was going to do then. He has promised he won't let me. He even went so far as to say he'd crush up Tylenol PM's in my drink so I'll go to sleep before him. I don't think I'll be going to live with the dolphins though,..... As Mommielicious said, the water is too cold this time of year, and the warmth of your kindness has filled my heart and soul.

Thank you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So Long, Farewell, ..... and you know the rest.

I want to say how sorry I am to my kids and my husband. Sorry I couldn't help keep us together. Sorry I couldn't help keep us stable. Sorry I couldn't make us a happy family with a stable home.
Perhaps it was too much to wish for a happy home, a nice life, and a steady income. perhaps it was my fault. I did promise what ever Deity that was listening that I wouldn't speak to anyone and I would keep our family to ourselves. Unfortunately, I made friends and my kids made friends. We apparently made enemies too.
I found out today that one of the women who works in the office for this complex actually got drunk at the complex Superbowl party and danced around singing, "Hooray! HHH has to move! Good riddance!" Yes, it seems we were well liked.
So, I am giving up. Please save all the peppy speeches about "you can do it", and "If you made it before you can make it again." and all. I have heard everything. The facts as they are now basically are...

1. We have to be out by Feb. 4th. No if's, and's, or but's or we will be REMOVED from the property by the police.

2. We have no money. HHH's brother was supposed to come and give us the last $200 he owed to us. He has not. See, he already got his tax refund. He spent it on Motorcycles, concert tickets, and other such fluff, but when it came time to help out his brother who helped him... we got the old Fuck You. Thanks, and if you are ever in Wauchula Florida and meet a guy named MICHAEL WETHERINGTON...... kick him in the nuts for me as hard as you can. Then kill him. I'm not kidding.

3. We have no where to stay. We were going to bunk up with Ms. M until someone told the office and that was when HHH learned that we had to be completely off the property. Let's all make sure the family with 3 kids, 2 of them special needs has to sleep in their truck. We appreciate it.....ALOT!

4. Until our taxes come in we have no way of paying for anything. HHH gets his final check Wednesday and that will be it. We are screwed. I can't even afford to rent out a ghetto crack house!

So you see, kind reader.... things are fucked up beyond all recognition. I am grateful for all your support, but good wishes will not give my kids a roof to sleep under. Kind words will not give me a fridge to keep their insulin in. I need either a room to bunk down in, or a 1000 bucks until my taxes come in. Unless either one of those things happens (which they WON'T!!!) we are sleeping in the truck. in a dark parking lot. ALONE. And I just can't do that again. I can't. I am done.

I am done.

I'm sorry to all of you who thought I was stronger. I'm not. I have been beaten down for the last 13 years now. Over and over.... again and again. Seeing happiness only to have it snatched away in a cruel jest. I love you all. But I am done.

I'll miss you.

Love, Blondefabulous.....AKA-Nicole.

I just can't be fabulous any more.