Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time For... Another Day Off!?!

Wait??? What???

What do you mean my kids are out of school again? We just went back on Monday and now they are out again? WTF is that all about? I have things to do, laundry to wash, floors to clean, bridges to walk...... I can't be having to step over 3 kids under foot moaning about, "MOM! I'm bored!" I just can't. It has to be grounds for munchkin homicide!!!

No, really though, why are we having more time off right after winter break? I would think the conventional wisdom of the educational system would be to have the kids in for as many days as possible. I even got a note from Juniors teacher saying he missed a few more days of school than she was comfortable with and to try to keep him in school more during the spring semester. (Some of these missed days were because of her not heeding my warning about Junior sitting next to other sick children. He caught all manner of plagues!) So with these lofty goals in mind, I am at a loss for why we are not sending our progeny into the school tomorrow.

So I get up and look at the school calendar I have on the fridge and I see the little date circled and I check the key to see what it says the day is significant for. It is "Professionals" day. Hrmmm..... They are taking the day off to celebrate being professional. If they were a little more professional, they'd be in school teaching my children so I can go out and get a decent pedicure, or at least clean the house and put it in some semblance of order! It is bad enough that HHH is home with a bum ankle, but now I have 3 other, smaller humans who are all, "MOM! I'm hungry!", "MOM! She won't die so I can play!!", "MOM! I don't wanna do chores!". Hmph! Stupid school.

So that's all I got for today. I'll be walking the bridge w/Ms. M cause HHH will be watching all the kids. See... I knew he'd come in handy!


Nicole said...

Charlotte county has school tomorrow! :)

but they have off next monday for MLK Jr day

HoosierGirl5 said...

I've never been treated to "Professionals" day.....and I'm a professional!(laugh) We have all kinds of days built into our schedule where the students don't go but we DO, so we can receive all types of wonderful professional trsining, but we lost 5 of those this year due to the windstorm that blew through this area after Hurricane Ike and put us unexpectedly out of school for a week! We DO have MLK Day off next week. Thank God!

Hang in there, girl. Normalcy (such that it is) will return soon enough.

PS. A very belated thanks for the Christmas card!

Russ said...

It does seem a bit quick for another day off! Jasper never said anything about a day off.

ccinmotion said...

as a former teacher i hate professional days~~you have tons of stuff to do for your classroom and you have to listen to some idiot who has several phd's tell you how to manage your perfect classroom

you know the perfect classrom~where every child has had a hot breakfast, perfect homelife, reads above grade level

yeah that not possible in this world perfect classroom

LOL cc in motion

Ella said...

our district likes to sandwhich teacher planning days (or flex hurricane days) with holidays so we are off on this coming friday and monday. stinks for me because boss man isn't too fond of letting me off on friday/monday combos and i strongly dislike putting them in day camp for this stuff - mostly cause i strongly dislike paying for it. ugh!

Finn said...

Like Ella, we have a Work Day on Friday then MLK day on Monday. Oh, and Thursday is Early Release.

It's a good thing my mom lives around the corner and I have a flexible work schedule or there'd be a HUGE problem.

Putz said...

i have milk day on friday and then sweetroll day on monday

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Apparently a "professional" day means teacher work day. Hmmm.... call it like it is...m'kay?

HOOSIER GIRL: You're welcome for the card!

RUSS: It seems VERY quick!

CC: No, no classroom is perfect. I don't see why they strive for that. It makes no sense!

ELLA: That would have come in handy. Junior was sick with a high fever last Friday.... now I have to write him a note for it. A day off would have been welcome than!

FINN: I'm glad I stay home. Trying to work and do all that we do with doctors and such would just suck ass big time! That's why I just do cakes and catering on the side. No muss, no fuss. Just fun!