Monday, January 19, 2009

Say Ahhhhhhh.

Today Junior and Morgan had a dental appointment. Now, we have been to the dentist before, but that was catch as catch can because of HHH having to change jobs and us having to move quite a bit. Also, when we lived in Memphis, the CMS up there was, oh shall we say, lacking. Getting appointments there took 6 months or more. The only times we went to the dentist was when I could pay for it out of pocket... and that wasn't often!
So we get going for the appointment. I had never been to this dentist, but our CMS coordinator made the appointment for us, and
I was OK with it. She had made our other appointments before this and all those turned out great. I should have known something would be amiss when the car service arrived late. It wasn't our usual driver. We get to the dentists office and it is in an old building from the 1960's. I'm talking old. (Sorry to anyone born in the 60's.) I find the directory and locate the office upstairs. We get up there and there is a tiny door that is scratched and dented. Hmmmm..... We get inside the office and it looks OK inside. The waiting room is small, but there is a beautiful seascape mural painted on the walls, a Pac-Man arcade game in the corner and plenty of chairs. There are also numerous signs on the walls. Signs about being late and being rescheduled, or don't touch the mural, and turn off your cell phone, or don't leave the office or we'll skip your appointment, etc, etc, etc..... Seems a little control freakish to me. I go up to the receptionist and give her our appointment card and she hands me a sheaf of papers to fill out. I fill out the first one which is just the usual contact information and medical information. The second one is an explanation of their policy as pertaining to treating your child. Words like Papoose boarding, holding down, and no drugs litter the page. Finally, at the bottom it says "NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED BACK WITH THE CHILDREN." Um, yeah... I don't see that happening, but I'll talk to the receptionist. Then the next form is about how the dentist feels that children are a gift from God and a bunch of other religious mumbo jumbo. Call me crazy, but if I go to the doctor, I want there to be medical talk... not conversion to other religion. I finish filling out the forms and go up to the desk to give it to the rather happy looking woman behind the counter. I explain about how I am not kosher with the not being in the room with the kids thing. She pastes on a waaaaaaaay to happy smile and says, "Oh well that is just our policy and we make no exceptions for it." I just can't do that. Sorry. I am an over protective mama. I call Jenn at CMS and leave a message for her that I am not in agreement with this dentists policies about treatment. I had to leave a message because the office was closed for MLK day. I basically say I need to be there for my kids while they are undergoing something scary and new, and could we please find a different provider that will work with that? Then I call the car service to come back and get us.
I gather up all our belongings and bid the receptionist adieu and we go downstairs. While we are waiting I start to look around at the other offices in the old, decrepit building. There are two more DDS offices, a holistic medical center, an accountant, and two "Women's" centers. Um yeah. Next to two dental offices that cater exclusively to children there are not one but TWO abortion clinics. Don't get me wrong, I think we as women have a right to choose..... but the juxtaposition of those next to the kids dental offices.... it just didn't fit! I guess the rent must be controlled or something. Whatever. Either way.... I'm not going to bring my kids back there anyway.
So that was the day. We came home and the kids went outside and enjoied the sunshine and the cool breezes. I called HHH and explained what happened and we both agreed that it was the right thing to do for our family. We'll get Junior his new smile one way or the other.


phinz said...

I was born in the 60's and I certainly would NOT go to a dentist(or any other doctor) whose office was in a building as old as I am. Good call.

Trukindog said...

I had to put on my readin specks to make sure I read what I thought I read.

"an old building from the 1960's. I'm talking old. (Sorry to anyone born in the 60's"

Apology accepted young lady.

You did the right thing, theres no good reason not to let the parent(s) be in the room.

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: It was one of those open plan, weird buildings that was supposed to let light in but made it look creepy.

TRUKINDOG: I didn't mean to offend you, just that it was a funky, chunky, 60's-esque building.

Apparently, lots of DDS's won't let the parents back. I find this unacceptable. How do I know these guys aren't pedophiles?

Anonymous said...

I sure as hell wouldn't have my baby out of my sight either!!! Good for you.

Trukindog said...

No offense darlin I was kiddin & I'm kinda funky, chunky & 60's esque myself so it's all good.

"Pedophiles" exacly my point.