Friday, January 2, 2009

Oscar Speaks!

Here is our new addition, Oscar, with Ms. M's new puppy, Cuddles. Cuddles is a girl. Oscar and Toby pretend she has cooties and were running from her.... I was trying hard not to pee myself while I watched !

At one point, Cuddles was talking back to Oscar while Toby looked at both of them with a confused look on his face. We just figured Toby couldn't understand "Chihuahua-nese.



That Bitchy Chick said...

That is so cute. Puppies give me the warm fuzzies and tend to make me forget about all the other crap of the world!

Trukindog said...

Are you sure Oscar is barkin at a real dog cause all I see is a shadow ;) and how do you know they were speakin chihuahua-nese, do you speak chihuahua-nese? :)

Nicole said...

I wish you could see trukindog said all you see is a shadow :( but Oscar is adorable none the less

Blondefabulous said...

EVERYONE: Sorry.... it isn't very light in my bedroom, which was where we were. Still..... it was funny!

phinz said...

Too cute--you can tell Oscar wants to be friends but Cuddles is like, "uh, . . . and WHO are you?!"
I Love puppies!!!!!!