Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night.....

And we're feelin' right!

Ms. M and I went out to dinner last night,(Friday). It was quite an evening. We tried to go to the Olive Garden first, because with my new vigilance in keeping to the gluten free diet, I figured I could eat lots of salad! Oh. My. GAWD! I know it was Friday night and all, but Jebus! The place looked like it was under attack by an army! We couldn't even get a place to park anywhere near it. After making a loop and almost getting hit by someone in the parking lot, we decide that perhaps the Olive Garden is just not in the cards. Little did I know that Lady Karma had a plan for us. We decide we still want Italian and go to our next option, Carrabba's.

We drive over to it, with some difficulty,(Ms. M's navigation system tried to take us to a boat dealership and say that it was the restaurant.), find a place to park, and go inside. It was packed as well, but not as much as the O.G.. People weren't sitting outside freezing their asses off. The hostess says it'll be about 60 minutes and we say OK and head to the bar. I get a red wine, and Ms. M gets a Malibu and mixer. We are drinking and laughing and basically enjoying ourselves, where as most everyone else there is sour and pissy. They all want to know WHY they haven't been seated yet, and they want to know RIGHT NOW! The Hostess tried to explain over and over again that she can't make the other diners get up and leave before they're ready, but to no avail. I have worked restaurant and so has Ms. M, we know that the people who bitch and whine the most are the ones who are made to wait the longest, no special treatment. It's just how it is..... sucks to be you, but you decided to go out on the busiest night of the week and you then want to blame the wait on the staff? F*ck that! You get what you ask for, live with it.

Ms. M and I were feeling good. We were laughing and joking with the hostess staff and the waitstaff. We sang and drank and we were having a great time just waiting for a table when suddenly one of the hostesses comes over to us and says VERY quietly..."The tall tables in the bar area are first come, first serve, and the people right behind you are eating dessert and about to leave!" Ms. M and I take this as a sign that having a good attitude will bring good things, and we start watching for that table to leave. It took the diners forever to finish a little itty bitty dessert, but finally they get up and leave and we start moving over towards the table. At one point I thought it got snaked out from under us, but no it wasn't. Because we thought it had been snaked, we turned our backs on it, but the we heard the hostess say, "Oh these ladies have been waiting patiently, seat them there!"


We sit down and proceed to have a delicious meal. A glorious meal! A GLUTEN FREE meal! (at least for me!) How, you ask, did this get accomplished? It's simple, you see.


I was freakin' amazed!

t was if the heavens opened up, and Lady Karma shined down upon me! I was amazed. I had a wonderful Steak Bryan, which was topped with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes! Yum! It went really well with my red wine! There's nothing better than a good steak and a good glass of wine!

After the dinner we went home. We tried to do a little shopping, but it was after 9 and everywhere we wanted to go was closed. Of course there was also the fact that we had left ALL of the kids, both hers and mine, with HHH for the evening. Yes, you did read correctly. HHH had 6 kids he was watching for the evening while Ms. M and I went out. What a great Hubby! I thanked him properly the next morning!

And so ended my little evening of fun! It was nice to get out with a girlfriend and have an adventure. I haven't done it in years. Just remember, be nice to your servers and hostesses..... it pays in the long run!


Cissa Fireheart said...

Sounds like a good time was had!

As a former waitress I can't tell you how m=nice it is to know some people out there can still be patient!

I know exactly why you got that table too. Those servers and the hostess wanted you to. You definitely did good with Karma, my friend. Those people at the restaurant appreciated it like you wouldn't believe.

Tug said...

What a great night out - yay you! I was also a bartender/waitress for years, to I *know*. Kids & I went to Romano's Macaroni Grill last night, NO WAIT - it was awesome.


Christina LMT said...

Girls' night out is teh shiznit!

People need to learn to be more patient, that's for sure.