Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh Hot Damn....

This is my jam........

OK not really, but it sounded funny right? Ha... yeah it did. Anyway, today went really well. I woke up around 9:30am and got up to a cute ass note from HHH saying how I was the bestest wife and how much he loooooooves me and how he's glad we are together in 2009, and to wake him up because he would love to have breakfast with me! What an "Aaaaaawwwwwwww!" moment right? Yeppers, and then after I saw that, I went and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. He woke up before I could get them done so we could have breakfast in bed, so we all had breakfast in the living room and started surfing the channels for the Rose Bowl Parade. I love the Rose Bowl parade! The bands, the floats, the excitement! Who cares who's playing in the actual football game, (unless it's Florida in some strange turn of events.) I just want to see the amazing floats and the unusual ways that the builders use plant material to make the things on them. While that was going on, I started the New Years feast. I had to short boil the black eyed peas, let them soak, and then put them on simmer. Then I got the yams ready, and started on the greens. I got out the ham bone I had wrapped up and trimmed off ham from it to put in the peas so they would taste awesome. Then I made fried chicken and corn muffins. We had invited Ms. M and her family down again and we all had a great time watching TV eating and after everyone was stuffed beyond the normal boundaries of regular pants, the adults got up and played Wii bowling! Oh yeah.... we looked like complete dorks. Then we all played tennis and REALLY looked like dorks!

So after we got done doing that, I asked Ms. M who was making the cake for Middle J's birthday next week. She gave me a panic stricken look and I asked her if she'd like me to make it. So we sketched out a two tier vanilla cake that will be covered in fondant where I will make a little road and paint the cake with scenes from Mario Kart. Yep. Middle J is obsessed with Mario. So I'm going to go tomorrow and check out the cost of the stuff to make it. It is technically around a $300 to $350 cake, but I told her I'd do it for materials. She provides it.... I'll make it! I love doing big involved cakes. I get my ideas from that show. Duff is my hero! Bigger, Louder, Better! Hell yeah.

So the new year has started out good so far, and I am looking forward to making Middle J's cake, and so far I am happy and expectant for the future. Hope everyone else's New Year's went as well as mine did!

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