Friday, January 16, 2009

Lusting For Brilliance.

It happens every year. With the turn of the seasons, the catalogs arrive and I am once again sucked into the wonderful/terrible world of organization.

That photo up there is from the Pottery Barn's spring catalog. I saw it and my little heart went all a flutter. The cork boards...... the magnetic calender .....the recharge station with whiteboard! OMG! I am in love! Unfortunately... it is a dream that is never to be. Why, you ask? Well for one, the organizational masterpiece they have pictured in their catalog would come to a cost of $459 dollars BEFORE tax and shipping. Then there is the little fact that I would have to rearrange one entire wall in my living room for this masterwork of organization! Um..... I could possibly do that, but I'd still have to get together the almost $600 bucks to buy the stuff! Then there's the little matter of getting HHH to put it all up for me. Yeah..... that's gonna take a while. If he works for a living doing things like putting up shelves and leveling drywall and such, he's sure as hell not going to want to do it when he gets home for the day!

I think it is the idea of being organized. The abstract thought of a place for everything, and everything in it's place! I like that. I like the clean lines, the neat angles...... I like the fantasy. Too bad it is all just a fantasy. A beautiful fantasy made of clouds and ethereal light. How do I know it is just a fantasy? Well, let's look at the imaginary family that is in this organized alter....

This family contains Chris, Dave, Mel, & Jane. The family has a grocery list that contains arugula, eggs, and brown sugar. What grocery list of a family of four has ever just had 3 items on it? And that particular combination of items? I was a chef and I cannot think of a single dish I can make with those three items. Then there is the letter bin to the left middle, that holds, not letters, but a Bon Appetit magazine, a map of Central Park, and a few notebooks to more than likely jot down thoughts and errant sonnets that pop into their heads. Uh.... yeah. Right. Then there is the calendar. Those people have so much going on it is ridiculous! A bridal shower, a movie night, dinner with friends, spring break, two birthdays, the wedding that is presumably for who ever the bridal shower was for, then Gramma and Grampa coming to visit! OMG!! I would just collapse with exhaustion! Yeah, there may be people who are actually that busy, but I just can't jive that with this wall looking so completely organized. My wall would look nothing like that AT.....ALL! My wall would be a jumble of appointment cards, phone numbers, and memos. I would have the linen photo board at the top filled with photos of kids, animals, and HHH. It would not have any rhyme or reason as the imaginary family does. The menu board, however.... would be filled out weekly. That's just me though.

So I guess I will stick to my system I have right now. I run through the clutter on the desk I have every couple of months or so. I toss what's old and save what's new and next. I rearrange and refile, I dust and wipe. I will, however, still drool over the catalogs as they arrive, touting the organizational skills in their products, and making me lust in my heart for their sleek brilliance.


Russ said...

Ugh, the Wife loves that store! I just call it "Poverty Barn".

Christina LMT said...

Let me get this straight...that glorified bulletin board costs almost 460 BUCKS???!!!

That's frickin' outrageous. I have a wall calendar and a day planner, and I just make sure both are up-to-date with appointments, etc. That's it. I try to go through the mail every other day or so, because I still have nightmares about 2007, when I was pregnant and my mail piled up for months in my closet. I have a stack of papers that need to be filed in the firesafe, and I get to that probably every two weeks. It's not the most organized system, but I get everything done and I've never forgotten an appointment, either.

phinz said...

I could never use that system in the catalog. That's just TOO organized. Too many nooks and crannies. Too many places to remember where stuff goes. No comfy little stacks of "things to sort later and feel a sense of accomplishment about when I Do sort them."

It does look kinda cool, tho. Imagine having a bin for each magazine, instead of a stack on an end table that ends up being used as an oversized coaster . . . nah; that's just TOO Martha Stewart,

delmer said...

I understand about HHH not being interested in a putting that item together. When I get home the last thing I want to do is anyting work-like.

I have small magnetic board I stick to the fridge (and then totally ignore).

Finn said...

You do know that you can buy pieces of this, don't you? I have two of the letter bins, a small corkboard and a CD holder on the wall over my desk. They're really easy to put up; you just attach the bar to the wall and slide the pieces in. Easy peasy.

It helps keep things that I need to see in view without cluttering up my desk. I PPH them.

Putz said...

on't want to get tidy as gail says or organized, or daryl hoolized with my franklin planners, do you know one planner costs over a hundred dollars now, why don't i ??????? beccause i love wallwoing in my disorder, yep i do, it is sinful but i love it, the computer even has no plan for me , i have stopped visiting just everybody, stopped posting every day and i am having fun and loving it

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: With their prices, I can see how someone would end up in poverty after shopping there!

CHRISTINA LMT: I know I don't NEED any of that stuff. A calender and a pen are really great tools for keeping appointments, plus if I tried hard I could enter them in my phone so it would alert me to my appointments as well. It just all looks sooooo pretty! (drool drool)

PHINZ: Oh I totally agree that it all looks TOO organized. Like I said, the fake people for whom the board is made up for are way too busy to be real. If I had that system, it would not look anything like the one in the photo.

DELMER: I try to keep HHH from having to do to much around here. I am quite handy, but I still let him squash all the spiders, you know, so he doesn't feel too useless.

FINN: Yeah, I could do that. Only, if I took some of the things out, I'd replace the cork boards with the digital frame and white board.

PUTZ: You never struck me as the kind of person who stayed overly organized anyway. I say, if you're retired, why be on a schedule?