Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Ladies Man, Part 2.

Here's my man. My "Little" man. My little ladies man. He has been so cute lately. There is a little girl in his class that he likes. He, coming from the stock that he does, has been much too suave and debonair for a 6 year old. He holds doors for her, and brings stuff for her from home like small toys. Lately, he has taken to waiting for her to come out of the school, then he has been letting her ride his bike. It is too cute. Today, Junior rode his new scooter to school and he waited for his little girlfriend to come out . First, he got Ms. M's new puppy so he could get her attention. Then he showed her his new scooter. Then, and this was the part that was so frickin' cute...... he puts his helmet ON her head for her. I was there with Ms. M and Mrs. J going "AAWWWWWWW!" Ms. M even said that my boy is not a stupid kid. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. So then Junior was running alongside of her and I said, "I wonder why he doesn't carry her backpack for her?" Junior heard me and bolts over to her and takes her backpack for her so she can balance better. It was so cute.

So there you have it folks..... That has to be true love, elementary school style.

True love is a little boy who will be seen carrying a "My Little Pony" backpack!


Tug said...

Hee...what a cutie! Now if you could shut that OFF between now & jr. high/high school... ;-)

Christina LMT said...

What a perfect little gentleman! That's very sweet.

Ella said...

him carrying the back pack is over the top cute! my boy (kindergartener) has been in love with the same little red headed girl for the last two years, and with his lisp it's hysterical to hear him talk about Rory (or rather: wooory wid da wed haiow)!