Friday, January 2, 2009

How Hard Could It Be?

Get your minds out of the gutters! I don't mean that.... I was talking about trying to get a prescription from the Wal-Mart pharmacy! Holy crap, I started out trying to get this script filled last year for goodness sakes..... and it took till 2009 to finally get it! Wann know why, well here ya go.

I started out, actually on December 19th. We had gone to the Endocrinologist and got the kids switched over to Sarasota's CMS. The Doc said Morgan needed to have her meds adjusted and then wrote out a prescription for the insulin click pens, (which is the only insulin device the school will allow), for her to take to school. It was right before our trip to Universal so I didn't get it filled right away. We had until winter break was over to get it. Everything was cool, or so I thought. Enter Monday, the 29th. Ms. M takes me up to Wal Mart to drop off Morgan's prescription. The woman takes it and says it will be around two hours before it can be filled. OK, no problem. We run a few errands and flit about town and then come back to pick the insulin and needles. I get to the front of a VERY long line, (There must be a geriatric home close by because there were more little old ladies there than at a knitting and Metamucil convention!), and am informed that the pharmacy didn't have the needles so I would have to come back for that on Tuesday, the 30th. Fine. I could deal with that. We get home and I open the bag and see..... needles, not insulin! I freak out and call the pharmacy asking what is going on. Come to find out, the cashier was mistaken about what they were out of at the time and that they had everything under control. OK again. Since it was coming up on New Years, I couldn't get a ride back to the store until New Years Eve. They were closing early that day and it was a freaking mad house on the roads so I decided to wait until 2009 to go and get the insulin. The Pharmacy was closed until January 2nd, so we loaded up with all the kids and went back to the Wal-Mart. I get there, wait in ANOTHER long line to get the meds my daughter needs and then we go on our merry way. Ms. M and I, along with all the kids go do some more shopping at another store, make our way back home and I go to unpack the bags and...... NO INSULIN!!! Just an empty bag stapled shut with the drug interaction warning paper inside!!! What the fuck, Wal-Mart?? Why can't I get my daughter's life sustaining insulin? (Not really, I have back up meds for her and Junior.) I call yet again and am greeted with a woman who sounds apologetic and tells me that if I come back before 7pm, I will be able to just go to the drop off window and get Morgan's meds. I call Ms. M back and ask her really nicely if she will run me back up to the pharmacy. Ms. M called Wal-Mart a few choice names and said sure, she'd drive me back. I get there again and we both go in and while I am waiting in line, she checks out the 75% off deals. I get to the window and see the woman looking at me like I have cooties of something. I explain that I was the irate woman who was searching for her daughter's insulin. The girl at the window didn't seem to care much, she goes and gets the insulin and says, "Oh, this has been happening all day. Next time remind the cashier that she needs to check the fridge." Um.... how is that MY job? It isn't. It is Wal-Mart's job. I wrote a not so nice email to Wal-mart and filled out my survey checking off the "Strongly Disagree" answer most of the time. The only thing that made the trip not a complete and total bust was the fact that the 75% off sale started today and we found some great bargains! We saw $200 pre lit Christmas trees for $50, and lights for $ 3. Hell, Ms. M got $100 of stuff for $31! Unfortunately, we took about two hours to do all this and HHH was kinda pissed at me when I got back. Oops. I apologized and handed him the bag of discount candy I had gotten.

So I am seriously thinking that I need to switch to the mail order pharmacy that CMS uses. It just isn't worth the trouble I keep having to go through. I am waiting to see if I will get a response to my email. I probably won't. Wal-Mart isn't exactly concerned about their customers or employees. I'm just glad my daughter didn't need the insulin right away. She would have died before she got it!

Wal-Mart sucks ass. That is all.


Russ said...

You're in Florida, of course there is an old folks home nearby!

phinz said...


I would check out the mailing option--but do it as early as possible , as soon as you can order refills--we tried getting my husband's meds mailed from Kaiser on the other side of town--it took TEN DAYS--we'll never do THAT again.
Or stay at WalMart and make a HUGE deal out of opening the bag and checking the contents while still at the pick-up desk EVERY TIME. BEFORE you pay.
Those people are making minimum wage and STILL getting screwed out of their break time by their employer (the ONLY retailer to show a profit in the last 2 quarters, BTW)--you think they actually give a crap?!

Ella said...

i had to go to walmart today. it tried to eat me.

Putz said...

there is a large dark cloud hanging over mole wart and evil lurkes within...i never enter only once to run up buy 2 ripe bannans and ran out again before i was sruck by lightening

metalmom said...

I can't go anywhere so I ran around with you in my head. Whew! I'm beat!

I hope you never need anything in a hurry. Next time, check all the bags before leaving and call before going to pick stuff up!

Christina LMT said...

I hate Walmart, and avoid it as much as I can. I can't believe the level of incompetence!