Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have A Nice Trip Next Fall.

HHH has a problem. He slipped down the stairs at work. He twisted his ankle. He is now on crutches and has two prescriptions for pain and swelling. He is laid up till Thursday when they can do a check for tendon damage. How fun!

So, I will be having a man underfoot for the next two days. Well maybe not underfoot, but in bed and hogging the TV, Wii, and the computer. I'm sure he'll be OK.

Ms. M and I went to Game Stop to look for a figurine to go on top of Middle J's cake. We found a nice one too. It was a little Mario in the go-kart he drives in that Mario Kart game! PERFECT! To make that great find even better? IT WAS A REMOTE CONTROLLED KART!!!!! It was awe..........................................some! (Barney style!) SO I made the final sketch of the cake for Ms. M's approval. She liked it. Then I showed he what it would look like with an asymmetrical tilt to the cake layers. Totally awe.................some! (In Barney style, yet again!) Maybe I can get a job on Ace of Cakes..... yeah, probably not. I won't hold my breath. Tomorrow I will start on the cut outs for the sides. I gotta make little Goombas, Bullet Bills, and Piranha Plants!

Time to suit up!


Nicole said...

awww..poor HHH - hope he feels better! and I can't wait to see pics of that cake when it's done!!

call me crazy fabb~~but you and yours are headed to jail said...

hope HHH is up and about soon
leaving louisana most likely tomorrow actually, later today,,,i'm having to make too many trips to handle crap (like charging fat ass bastard brother and his wife with 3 kidnapping charges, domestic violence, stalking, internet hacking, etc and so on

crazy charlene

he was having some of his friends sending me private texts and voice mails~~one of the
"town's finest" stupid ass cop forgot to *67 his # and called changing his voice, demanding to know "exactly where i was" c and i were only about 20 miles from the county and even though i didn't recognize his voice because he was trying to change it, he refused to tell me who he was, and
awe...........some, turned off his cell phone and i recognized his voice on the "hello, this is glen and i am away from my phone, so
what did we do, after several attempts to contact him, called the jefferson county (pine bluff) sheriff's office and filed charges against him also

he had just gotten off of duty, threaten both c and i with bodily harm...the Lt said it was very serious charges since he had enough time to actually be following us, and the nice cop also said my FABB would be an accessory to the charges since the only way he could have gotten the private cell phone # was from brother

the next day i got a call from the local Kroger's just as a deputy from the county's sheriff office was getting off of work

so i have filed charges against

1 jail employee (fabb)
1 county sherrif employee (fabb's wife)
1 city cop
1 county sherrif
1 volunteer sherrif

and i have filed for order of protection here in louisana,

and all the surrounding counties of my "home town" are aware of my problems

one of the county sheriff's office who i was talking to verbally to file charges after he found out i was fabb sister said and i quote "are you sure you don't need to go to psyc ward again" can we say slander charges will be filed

and the clerk of the police deptartment told me when i was filing yet another charge said

"maybe you should call your doctor because we don't have the manpower to protect you against your brother"

several of the areas sheriffs/police departments/chief of police have asked me why i don't deal with the town's sheriff's office or the cheif if police of the town

because fabb, his wife, sil's brother is the chief of police and city cop

and i have isp's and ip # of them breaking into my blog, gmail not only from their homes, but from the county jail/sheriff's office/police department and city hall

oh yes, fuck yeah, i get to fight city hall

sil has 3 brothers who are "badge carriers"


fabb whose boss is his cousin's bil also is my cousin's bil

now instead of getting private/not available texts from MYSELF

and fabb/sil/sil family/sherrif and jail guards/ their friends have been "caught by me or my friends" following me into 2 other counties near arkansas county after i outran them in my vehicle and came up behind them


....next on 60 minutes/dateline

how a skinny white girl "took down" local city police, jailer's and sheriff emplyees


ken's(husband who died in 12/06) nephew and sil are filing charges on fabb for fabb stealing ken's guns from me which were suppose to go to nephew, and nephew has ken's handwritten note with serial #'s and pics of ken's dad's guns so we are getting together, walking into city hall and filing charges

so maybe i will recover some of the property (guns, tools, tv's)

and ace of cakers
the icing on the cake, my niece filed charges for 18 years of back child support plus interest since
fabb didn't pay but $50 a month of court required child support payments to her college fund at least 60,000 plus interest

can you say goodbye to the house he got when i moved my parents into the new house i built for mom and dad

best birthday present i could have ever gotten was the news her lawyer filed the charges today, on my birthday~~~

what a wonderful world, wonderful year, made turning 51 not quite as bad

and i am on my second bottle of gold patron tequila


Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: It's going to be legen.........dary!

CHARLENE: I am so sorry to hear about what has been happening to you. People in power seem to always let it go to their head. That is when they NEED to be taken down a notch or ten.

phinz said...

PLEASE post a pic of the cake!!!

Sorry about the uproar in the south. But glad to hear Charlene is okay--I visited her blog twice and then got locked out, so I was concerned. Prayers going out . . .

Anonymous said...

I think he's faking it to get the drugs and Wii...

my word verfication is "lojected"... Is that what happens when you ask Jennifer Lopez if she wants to come back to your place?

phinz said...

Good one Liam!!!!

kapgar said...


As someone who has f'd up his ankles more than once each and pretty seriously at that, I feel for HHH. Tell him I hope he feels better.