Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fondant Frenzy: Chomps & Womps... Oh My!

Uh, yeah. Those right there, are my versions of the Chain Chomp and Womps from the Mario games. Tomorrow I am going to attempt the Piranha plant and the Bullet Bill. Ah...... the fun of cake!

Mo and I went to the doctor today. We went to see Mo's new gastro doc and see how she's been doing. I warned him that last year was pretty rough for us and that we weren't always in a position to get gluten free stuff for her to eat. So far, for the new year, we have been doing really good. Lots of rice, potatoes, veggies, and lean meats. It seems to be working. Tomorrow I am going to the health foods store to get some gluten free cake mix so I can make Morgan some cupcakes for Middle J's birthday party on Saturday. I am bound and determined to make this work. I just thought, "Hey! Instead of burgers and fries... we'll be steak and potato girls!" Anyway, there isn't any medication you can take, no special pills or inhalers....... just stop eating gluten foods. So that's what we are going to do. I was especially proud of Mo when we went to have her blood drawn. She didn't flinch, jump, or cry! She let the phlebotomist draw the vial of blood and as a reward, she was given a Ballerina Barbie! I was blown away! A doctors office that gives away dolls and toys? What won't they think of next? Also, the car service CMS sent to take us to and from the appointment was the total bomb! We rode in style in snazzy Lincoln Towncars! It was awesome.

So I have plans for tomorrow. Tonight though, the mario music won't stop playing in my head!