Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bullets Over Blondefabulous!

Eh, what can I say? I have been fighting the good fight for Morgan today and I am just tired. So what you get is a bullet post about what was going on lately....

-Schools need to seriously look into Celiac's Disease! I'm just saying. Yanno, because I went to have a meeting with Morgan's math teacher about her grade in mathematics this grading period. She went from a C to a D and I was wanting to get to the root of what the problem was. Tuttle ES includes timed tests in it's curriculum. Basically, the kids get 100 math problems on a sheet and are given 3 minutes to complete as many as they can in addition and subtraction, and 5 minutes for multiplication and division. Morgan has been failing them all miserably! She understands the concepts of the mathematical process to get the answers, but she just is not that fast at it. I looked at her grades for all her other tests and quizzes and if you take out the timed tests,.... she has a solid B+! I tried to explain to her teacher that it isn't because she can't do it, it is the Celiac's affecting her thought processes! I even brought information printed from web sites that the doctor's had suggested to me! The school is still going to make a huge deal out of it by making me get yet more forms filled out by the doctors. They already have her diagnosis in her file in the nurses office! Sheesh!
-I need a lawyer....fast! The end of the week is approaching and I should be hearing if they have "room" for me on the bus to Junior's field trip. This is just such bull shit! If they would just get one of the nurses to go, I wouldn't be having this problem in the first place! Because schools are so under funded, and so short changed, I know they can't afford it, but to single out my son and say he won't be able to go because his mom can't ride with him and then to suggest that we take the added expense of a cab on our own is just ridiculous! Let's just single out the diabetic kid even more than he has to be! Bad enough he has to have mom go in the first place, now he won't even get to ride the bus with the other kids? Someone get me a lawyer and fast! I got some free publicity for them, but GOOD!
-I am in clothes I haven't worn in years! Oh yeah baby! The gluten free diet, plus the addition of the bridge is working out really well! The weight isn't dropping off as fast as I would like it to, but I imagine this is safer than those diet pills that offer 40 lbs gone in 3 weeks! Yeah, I like my organs healthy and not fucked up thank you very much! I have been wearing jeans and pants I haven't worn since we first moved down here in 2007! I can't believe how far I let myself go when I was depressed about our $$$ problems and job problems and then our housing problems. At least I am working it all off, and as a bonus, every once in a while when we are at the top of the Ringling span, we'll see a pod of dolphins swimming happily along. Can't beat that for entertainment!
-HHH can be sadistic! Yep. He was going to send Rebecca out to take the trash to the dumpster, but wasn't going to tell her about the 3 raccoons that were rummaging through it at the time! I guess he wanted to see if the daughter was as cool, calm, and collected as the mother when it came to wild animal encounters. My money would have been on not. I bet she would have run screaming from the dumpster just as fast as she could!
-I am tired. I had on my "Hot Blogging Mama" clothes and shoes all day today and my feet are sore. I forgot how long it took to get used to walking in heels. I haven't really done it in a while. So now, intrepid readers, I am going to go put on my comfy jammies and go lay down to watch TV with HHH!

Have a great evening!


Christina LMT said...

Congrats on fitting into your "skinny" clothes...isn't it a great feeling?!

I hope you give the school holy hell.

Russ said...

I never did care for those timed tests. It always felt so arbitrary. The lawyer, or threat of one, may help here too.

Congrats on the new/old clothes!

HHH is a Dad. That's what Dad's do. My Dad put sand crabs in my sister's pants. (I was always too fast for him.) But don't worry, karma's a bitch. My Dad was chased by a black bear when he was taking out the trash. (That sounds like a good blog entry right there!)

Finn said...

Get whatever documentation you need so that Morgan can have more time with those tests.

Look up anything you can on Celiac and learning disabilities, etc. so you can get her an Indvidual Education Program (IEP) on file.

Let me know if you need any help with any of it.

Putz said...

my two deaf kids could never compete on a timed test and one who was scizophrenic and deaf would not even go to the test and so failed at the bottom of the curve and was barred from college eventually

phinz said...

Yay for wearing skinny clothes!!!! You GO girl!!!!

Those school pople suck out loud. Yeah, get her on one of those IEP programs. My niece does those for her students and they really help kids with disabilities a LOT. Not every kid comes from the same cookie cutter.

phinz said...

*ahem* "school PEOPLE"
thank you

HoosierGirl5 said...

I am a special education teacher, teaching in Kentucky. If you can get a doctor's statement (which I'm sure you can) on her medical condition, she should qualify for an IEP under the category of OHI, which stands for "Other Health Impaired". It is for any medical condition which affects a student's ability to learn the same way as the others. If you want, you can email me and I can go into things in more detail.