Friday, January 9, 2009

Almost Done.

I would write more, but I'm tired. So very tired. Special thanks to HHH for making the Piranha Plant and the Boo for me. His artistic skills were a blessing. Tomorrow is B-Day. I'm not putting it together until we get to the party site. I don't want any mishaps. I'll bring my icing kit and put it all up when we get to the mini golf park. Ms. M is really happy with the cake. She is keeping it a surprise from Middle J. He'll show up after we have it put it together. There will be more photos tomorrow. Ms. M was also kind enough to buy Mo and I a gluten free cake mix so we could partake of the party as well. Imagine that. A baker, who spends so much time creating delicious confections, who can't taste ANY OF IT!!!!!! Yeah, welcome to my new life as a gluten free parent.

Anyway, like I said, there will be more photo's tomorrow! I can't wait!!

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Nicole said...

it looks awesome!