Sunday, December 21, 2008

You're A Naughty One........ Mrs. Wetherington!

Oh yes! I was!

When we were at Grinchmas, we had stopped at one of the food courts called Circus McGurkus. The line was crazy! (They had decided to put one of the stupidest people I had ever seen on the register!) So while HHH and Mr. Bill stood in line for the next 45 minutes, I decided to keep a certain promise I made to a certain little boy.

See.... I promised Junior that I would take him to the book store in Whooville, ...All The Books You Could Read! He wanted a book, but not just any book. He wanted an Official copy of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Nothing else would do. So as his daddy was in line, and the kids were waiting at the table with Ms. M, I took Junior over to the bookstore and there he spotted it. Shiny and bright, in metallic red and green, it was the one thing that he wanted the most out of everything he could have in the park! We picked out a copy for him, took it up to the register, and made our purchases. Then, wonder of wonders...... I had an idea. A wonderful idea..... Blondefabulous had a super, amazing, wonderful idea!!!! The Grinch was coming to take photos at that very same bookstore in 10 minutes! Why not stand in line and ask the Grinch to sign Juniors new book! Oh yes! Junior was ecstatic. We got in line and were the 3rd group. Then 10 minutes later..... there he was..... the Grinch himself! The people in front of us took regular old boring photos, their kids cringed and cried at the sight of the big green furry guy. Then, it was our turn. Junior runs in with his book, looks up at the Grinch, and soon they are chatting away. The Grinch was being Grinchy, Junior was being Junior- y, and the Grinch got out a pen and signed Junior's book. Then, just because we were there, we took a photo with His Grinchiness.

As you can see above.... I decided to have some fun! The Grinch decided to tell me, "Hey Lady! Don't squeeze the charmin!" And I laughed!

So there you go. The last photo from Grinchmas, the one with my son and his prized possesion!


Christina LMT said...


Love the Grinch, love the picture, too.

delmer said...

His prized possession (his mother)... and his book.

cozysoul said...

You scored again as Supermom! A great idea with a great result.Just brilliant!

Putz said...

that story gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and my size 2 heart just swelled to a sixe 14, and it hurts...just to think you were homeless months ago and now you are into the chritistmas fussssies

Finn said...

He's lucky all you did was squeeze him... ;)

Trukindog said...

I always root for the Grinch always...well until he goes all soft in the end...wuss.

Oh and your not foolin me, you were more excited to see his Royal Grinchness than your boy.