Friday, December 12, 2008

You Had A Question Or Two....

A couple of days ago, I asked everyone for some questions to answer. I thought that with the holidays coming, I wasn't going to have much time to think of blog posts. Boy was I wrong, but I am going to do the answers right now. Here goes.

Anonymous asked me what the hell a holiday mushroom was. I am gathering that Anony meant the mushrooms I had blogged about earlier when I was talking about making the Yule Log. Holiday mushrooms are made from meringue, but not the sticky kind you get on top of a pie. These are baked until they are dry and hold their shape.... and I made that the shape of mushroom caps and stems. After they are completely cooled, I take melted chocolate and attach the top to the bottom and Voila.... Holiday mushroom fit for a Yule Log. And let me tell you... they taste GREAT!

Nicole wanted to know when we were going to get together for Starbucks. Well, I am a lot like you, but without the college classes to get in the way. Great news about kicking ass on those finals and on the acquisition of your new computer! I say when you come down to get your Yule Log we hook up at the Bux and have a cup or two! Blog friends are the BESTEST friends.

Lady Jaye asked if Georgia and FSWho were playing each other, who would I root for. That one is really hard. I am a football girl, so I like to check out the player stats, maybe check the line over at the Mirage to see who they think is the better team at the time, and then HATE HATE HATE HATE FSU WITH A PURPLE PASSION!!! Not for the fact that they are closer in mileage to UF, or because we have that whole rivalry thing going on, but because I can no longer respect them for keeping Bobby on after all these years. FSU's football program has been going down into the toilet for years and it is the simple fact that Bobby is old, everyone has seen all his tricks, and no matter how many spiffy assistant coaches the plug in beside him, he just doesn't have that magic any more. If they were smart, FSU would have quietly sat him down at the last contract renegotiation and said a fond farewell, and then gave him a big going away weekend at the next homecoming. Well, we all see that didn't happen. In fact he is going to be there until he dies on the field. Of course, he looks like death warmed over anyway so I'll just root for Knowshon, thank you very much.

BTW Lady Jaye, I got my SEC Championship hat today!!!!!!

Finn asked me about the time when I was a chef. Where did I study, and what places did I work. Well, the chef thing happened by accident. We had just moved to Memphis Tennessee and I mostly did management when it came to the restaurant game, but I knew I didn't want to do that anymore. I was tired of being the person who got yelled at by the customers, management higher up than me, and the staff, so I interviewed for a piddly service job at a boutique/gourmet place on Mud Island that my MIL worked at already. It was small, the staff didn't number over 20 people and the clientele was affluent.... read well spoken and rich. I was there for a few days when Mercedes, the chef in residence, began to take an interest in me. I already knew how to decorate cakes and pastry, but Mercedes showed me a whole new world of savory dishes and amazing taste combinations. I learned at the feet of a master, (Mercedes has worked overseas, in Spain for a Spanish Countess, in the Philippines,you name it.) and I absorbed it all like a sponge thirsty from a decade long drought! It wasn't long before I was incorporating my family recipes into the menu and soon I was inventing new things that were both popular and delicious! One thing Mercedes told me has always stuck over time..... anyone can go to a fancy school and get a piece of high priced paper, but only working side by side with a true food lover can ever give you the education you need to cook food well. She always called herself a cook, not a chef, and she was one of the best cooks I have ever known. I went on to learn the ins and outs of catering, and when I went out on my own finally, it was a huge success. I say a prayer of thanks to Mercedes and the other "chef's" at Miss Cordelia's every time I make a soup or a food arrangement.

Lastly, Trukindog asked if the answer was really 42. Hmmmm.... that was an awesomely hilarious movie. I thought Zooey was great in it. Unfortunately, I think the only answer 42 can be is a product of 6x7, or a sum of 20+22, or some other mathmatical thing like that. Lord knows I am not 42!

Thanks to everyone for the questions. I do have to say that I received some rather disappointing news today that has made my holiday a little less jolly, but I am saving that for another day.

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Finn said...

Sounds like you had the perfect cooking education.

And yes, it's 42. Always.