Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yet Another Reason...

... why I wish some people would just disappear. Sigh.... yes this is about my family. This is why I said the other day we got some disappointing news. Feel free to tune it out if you need to. I'll explain....

A couple of months ago, I asked HHH if he had heard from his brother about the washer and dryer we had sold to him. We decided to sell him our washer and dryer when we moved from Bowling Green to Sarasota because a W/D came with the free apartment we were moving into. Originally we had set the price at $150 and told BIL he could pay after he got his next paycheck. Well, it had been a month and we hadn't heard anything from him, so I asked HHH to give BIL a gentle "nudge" call so we could get our money. (This was in October.) HHH got on the phone and gave his little brother a jingle and disappeared into the bedroom to talk to him while I watched a program on the TV. About 1/2 and hour later HHH comes out and tells me his bro is in a bad way and is about to have his electric turned off. (I wasn't moved.) Well, HHH had told his little bro to come out this way and he was going to loan him another $200! WHAT??? ANOTHER $200??!!?? I just wanted BIL to pay us the money he owed us! Keep in mind, these are the people who let their in laws throw us out on the street AFTER we had given them money, annual Universal tickets, and other goodies!




Now, don't get upset at HHH. He has a soft spot for his youngest brother, and it was taught to him at an early age to take care of his brothers. I was mostly upset that BIL totally blew off paying us for our appliances and then had the gall to ask for money! HHH said he set down payment guidelines and told BIL he had to have it paid back by Thanksgiving. OK. That was in a month. I could deal with that. Thanksgiving came and went and BIL "forgot" to give HHH the money he owed us when they had come for Thanksgiving dinner. ($300... HHH knocked off $50 to be nice.) Then BIL went and spent it so he couldn't even SEND the money to us. Sheesh! By this time I was getting tired of it. I have been tired of those people, but no... I have to try and be the better person. (I just want to be an evil old shrew and say "Gimmie my money back damn it!) So HHH calls BIL and says "Look. We need our money. Christmas is coming, we didn't get to shop after Thanksgiving because of all your nonsense.... I need to have at least 1/2 of the money by the 12th of December." BIL promises he will have the money to wire over to HHH on the afternoon of the 12th. The 12th comes and ...... drum roll please...........

No money.

Yep. Instead, we got some cock and bull story about overtime not being added to BIL's check, bills that need to be paid on his end, having to move because there's mold in their house, yadda, yadda, yadda..... I DON'T CARE! I have Christmas coming up. I have bills I need to pay. I want to take my kids to Universal. WTF?? We have given the BIL and SIL chance after chance.


I have officially invoked my Wife Clause where I am officially putting a stop to loaning of money to family. Nada! Kaput! Zilch! I am done. And the thing that gets me the most is BIL called his and HHH's father to whine to him about whatever and ask their father to call HHH and tell him that BIL didn't have the money. What? Are you kidding me? Your a 22 year old, drop out, father of 4 under 6 years old and your gonna have your daddy smooth things over for you? Oh fuck that! That is absolutely ridiculous! Be a man dammit! Better yet, when you have the money, send it along right away before you are tempted to spend it!

So, I am sitting here, hoping that I can put off the electric company till next Friday, hoping HHH gets his holiday bonus by Friday, and hoping I can give my kids a decent Christmas. After last years debacle, they deserve it.

Bah, Humbug to the family!


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something - you are doing the right thing - I can tell that HHH is a good man because he hasn't clocked his brother in the mouth yet.

Lending money is the worst - I lent one of my friends my last $150 3 years ago and I haven't gotten it back yet. Yet, she wants to know when I am coming to visit....yeah.

Nicole said...

Grrrr!!! Not your fault, but now i'm aggravated!!! They irk me and i don't even know them! That's not right - I know they're having issues, but you guys have your reasons for needing the money you loaned them. I'm sure they'd be ALL over you for their money back if you'd had the gall to ask them for money (if they had any).

Christina LMT said...

I'm so sorry you've had to deal with this. I'm too poor for anyone in my family to ask for money, but I've been on the other end of it. I had to borrow money from my brother once, but I paid him back within a month, and he never even had to ask.
Good luck, and stick to your guns.

Blondefabulous said...

BELLAVENTA: Yeah, HHH is a good man. I love him to death, it's just the rest of the family I can do without. BIL used to be a good kid, but when he knocked up his now wife at 15, he set himself up for a lifetime of hardship and disappointment, and now BIL is dragging 4 kids along with him for the ride. I feel sorry for BIL, but no more help from us. I'm done.

NICOLE: Yeah, I am Grrrrr-ing myself. These are the same people who said "Come stay with us in your time of need.", then after we gave them money and things to offset our staying, let the MIL and FIL throw us out on the street. I should have known.

CHRISTINA LMT: Yeah... I am totally sticking to my guns here. BIL will just have to go to his MIL and FIL (the people who threw US out.) and get help and $$$ from them.

Putz said...

is the wife cluas something like the santa clause

Anonymous said...

What, you guys work your butts off to make a living and they want to live off of you? A little help for your family is totally reasonable but it sounds like these folks are taking mooching from family to a new extreme. I am sorry sweetie! Try not to let it mess up your holiday! *Hugs*