Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii're Taking Over!

I was busy tonight. Rather, HHH and I were busy tonight. (Get your minds OUT of the gutter!!) We invited our friends down for dinner again and we decided to kick the kids off the Wii and the four adults started to play!

OMG! It was hilarious! We were yelling, booing, cheering, and laughing all the while the kids are trying to give us hints and help! (Most of their hints didn't help.) In the end, Ms. M won and we had a hugely good time!

HHH also volunteered me to make stuffed biscuits in the morning. He explained what they were to Mr. Bill and Mr. Bill asked if I'd make some for the fire fighters at the station. No problem! So I have 18 stuffed biscuits ready for baking tomorrow.

We are also getting a new family member tomorrow. Nothing like another mouth to feed right? No, it isn't a kid... It's my BIL's chihuahua, Oscar. Seems that BIL can't take care of him anymore, (Gee.... ya think?) So BIL is giving us his baby chihuahua and is going to get us a puppy from a friend who breeds them. All together, with a puppy and Oscar, we are going to wipe his debt to us and say to hell with it. I know we will never get the $$$ from him, so whatever... I'll take it in trade. I'm waiting for BIL to ask HHH for money when he gets here with the doggy tomorrow! LOL!

So, check back tomorrow to see our new addition.... Oscar the Chihuahua! (I bet Fluffy will be pissed that he'll be outnumbered now!)


Mike Hunt said...

Wow... a dog in addition to all that madness? You place s going to be a circus! Though, he can be handy to clean up any errant crumbs...

Nicole said...

Hurry I must see pictures! Oh yeah I I almost for got to show you something - I'll blog it for you.

Trukindog said...

You realize now that Little J. is gonna figure you have to man pups & beg endlessly for you to give him Toby.

Now as a fellow dog lover I ask that you go here
and vote for my boy Jesse

Blondefabulous said...

MIKE: We already have a yorkie and a cat... so Oscar wouldn't be too much more. He's been cleaning up crumbs since he got here!

NICOLE: OMG! I saw your blog! That is sooooo cute!

Nope. Ms. M just bought her kids a little chihuahua of their very own!!!!!

Putz said...

what is a wha wha ii, a w11??????