Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Was The Year That Was 2008.

I was going over the year in my mind, revisiting the months one at a time, and I have to say....


It's not like I'm bitter or anything like that, but the highlights of this year sound more like low lights to me. Here's a recap....

January- HHH loses his job due to a fickle bitch's complaint that he "sexually harassed" her. What he actually did was report her cat and estranged husband that were living with her illegally and weren't on the lease. You know, his job. The Complex didn't want to stand behind him, so they just fired him instead. Way to show that you care about your employees! We had one month to settle up and move out. Guess it wasn't all bad. (sarcasm)

February- Due to HHH not being able to find a job, what with the lousy economy and all, (nah.... we weren't headed to a recession!), we had to put our entire home in a 10x20 storage unit and move to Wauchula, FL and in with my BIL and his family. Our entire family lived in a 10x10 room, and were basically oppressed by my BIL's in-laws who lived there with them. Had we known they lived there at the time, we would have found anywhere else to have gone. They ran a "church" in the back of their home. Yep.... their own little Branch Davidian compound! I didn't see the allure of tithing 10% of one's income to a church that had no real philanthropy, congregation, or ordained minister. WEIRD!

March- BIL's in-laws kick us out....AFTER we had given BIL money and merchandise to let us stay there with them. Seems BIL didn't tell us that it wasn't him that had the lease on the place, but BIL's in-laws. Fucking assholes! Oh and BIL didn't give us back any of our money or stuff we gave him. Family can be such bastards.

April- Having been kicked out of BIL's house, we moved 3 miles down the road to Bowling Green Florida, where chickens abound and banjo twangs can be heard in the distance! HHH went to work for the landlord who we later found out was as crooked as crooked can be! Things evened out for a little while. There were still problems, like electric companies that didn't record deposits, neighbors that let their chickens run wild and the foul fowls kept dying in our yard, etc.... The kids were in school, I was keeping house, HHH had semi steady work......

May- Mother's day rolled around and we went to Universal a few times. Things started looking up. HHH was steadily putting out resumes' trying to find a better job so we could move out of hickville.

June- It was Anniversary time! HHH and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and 8 years of being together! There was no celebration or gifts to exchange, but we were just glad we were still together! I also started doing cakes again. The kids passed school with flying colors and we started the summer in style!

July- It was my birthday! And to top it all off... HHH got a real job in Sarasota! It was with a temporary agency, but it was a job for $14 and hour! On a bad note... the crooked landlord decided to get pissed off that HHH was no longer under his thumb and started trying to screw us for rent and money for a car we were trying to buy through his car lot. We had stopped paying rent until he fixed things that were wrong with the house we were renting, like termites, holes in the floor, ant infestation, and faulty plumbing. Crooked Landlord wasn't fixing anything.

August- HHH was hired on permanently at the job he had been working for! To make that even better, we found out the complex wanted us to come and live at their place for free! FREE! We packed up and moved out at the end of the month, but not before crooked landlord came and repossessed the car we were trying to buy. Seems he took the money we had been giving him for the car and applying it to the rent we were withholding. He made it look like we hadn't paid anything for the car at all! What a Fucker! We gave him back the car and packed up and left that hell hole for good!

September- We began our new life in Sarasota. The schools were lovely! The shopping great. Everything was within walking distance for us! (Great, since we were car less again.) HHH was really liking his new job, and I even made a few friends here.

October- HHH was promoted! He is heading up maintenance at the sister property right next door! On a crappier note, BIL kept asking HHH to borrow money and HHH was soft enough to give it to him. That's $300 we'll never see again. Halloween was good as well.

November- Was the bomb! I had the best Thanksgiving ever thanks in part to friends I had made coming over. Some people might think that having a dinner party for 20 is a chore... but I love it! I am in my element cooking and serving and making sure everyone is having a good time! It was one of the few holidays I have enjoyed in a long time! I was even civil to BIL and his family when they came to eat with us.

December- Was a month I was happy to see. Christmas was good. The kids had gifts a plenty and we even got HHH something secretly when he had no idea! Ha ha, I win!!! After the year we had been having.... it was a welcome sight to see the end of the year approaching. It was a hard year. Living in Bowling Green and Wauchula was just awful. The small towns and the inbred insanity that comes with them wasn't my cup of tea. The bugs, animals, crappy people, and shitty houses we had to live in totally sucked. The fact that it took HHH 7 months to find a real job in his field sucked major ass as well. Now that the future is looking up for us, I am hopeful that Lady Karma will still keep us in her sights and allow us to prosper in the new year. It is my firmest wish that 2009 be a good year for all my readers and blog friends as well. Through all our problems this year past, the kind words, encouragement, and great comments have kept me going. When I say "kept me going" I really mean that, because there were a few times where I thought the family could do without me.

So, here's to 2009! May your light shine brightly as you arrive hand in hand with Lady Karma. Bring us all good fortune and better times. We could all use them!


Nicole said...

LOL hey Nicole - could you have picked a bigger font for that post??


Happy New Year's!!

Blondefabulous said...

Blogger was hating on me!! I tried to change it 5 times!!!

GingerSnaps said...

I'm so glad that things are looking better for you. I hope 2009 *starts* out wonderfully and continues to be great the entire way through!

Happy New Year! :)

Russ said...

Hey, at least it is ending on a high note! Let's keep things going in '09.

phinz said...

You rock sister! After a year like THAT started out to be, you guys had these good things coming! I am so happy for you--and encouraged to look ahead at our situation as well this year. Thanks for the uplift and may your good times continue ad infinitum!

Christina LMT said...

Happy New Year, Nicole! I do hope everything just keeps getting better and better for you all.

Tug said...

Here's to 2009 - I hope you have an absolutely AWESOME New Year!!