Thursday, December 18, 2008

They're Bringing Sexy Back!

Yes they are! This is, (from left to right), Don, Chris, & HHH. The photo was taken at the complex Christmas Party. I have been to many a party in the past. Parties for work, parties for school, parties for places we have lived..... and I have to say, this party was kicking! They had platter upon platter of food, drinks, a keg, and "Party Punch". There were quite a few people there from the apartments. It definitely got me out of dinner duty tonight, and I say any party that will feed my kids is a good party!! We stayed for about 2 hours and then left. The kids have that Doctor appt tomorrow and Rebecca has to get her History Fair project to school in one piece tomorrow.

Now I'm tired. Lord only knows how long the appointments will take. I was unaware that when we moved, we had moved out of our regular CMS district. I found this out two days before what I thought was our appointment date when I called to set up transportation. So, I am not sure if this is a "Hi, how ya doing?" appointment, or if it is a full workup appointment. It's a whole new Endo Doc so we'll see.

Have a wonderful evening! Only one more day till Grinchmas.


Christina LMT said...


Glad you had fun at the party, it's always good not to have to feed everyone yourself!

Have fun at Grinchmas, you deserve it!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ooooo.. "Grinchmas" I kinda like that! ha..ha.. But, I actually DO love Christmas, so I don't qualify. ..pout... Oooo..but I really, really want the whole "staple the antlers to the mice heads" comment to work in a conversation. :D