Friday, December 5, 2008


Rebecca's VPA Performance was tonight. It was awesome! Morgan and I went to watch her strut her stuff. HHH had to stay home because he drew call for this week. He kept Junior with him while Morgan and I went to the school to see all the frolicking! They also had a raffle for some gift baskets and sold pizza and sodas. Back in the day the only club that ever charged was the drama club, and they sold and raffled so they could make money for set pieces and design stuff. I guess with all the schools cutting budgets, you have to make money for the program somewhere!

So the performance begins and it was wonderful. Rebecca was in two of the pieces, and if Blogger would stop being a bitch, I would upload one and show you! It's starting to piss me off. She was so graceful and funny. Rebecca was also a little lighter on her feet because her cell phone finally arrived! Yes FedEx finally got off its ass and delivered her phone today. The squee of happiness she emitted was ear splitting! I showed it to her right before she went in to the back stage area. Now she's geeking out about it, programming in her little friends numbers!

Yay! Blogger must have seen me complaining and uploaded my video finally! Go me! Now you all can enjoy "Structured Chaos". Rebecca is in the front, in the jeans and whit shirt with the shiny stuff on it. (She's the one standing in front of the girl lying on the floor). So, you all enjoy and tell her what you think and all.... I already think she's perfect!

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Christina LMT said...

Simply FABULOUS, Dahlings!

I *lol*ed!