Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Happy..... Joy Joy!

Hooray!!! I finally got to meet Nicole from "Up's, Down's, & Around's. http://www.upsdownsarounds.blogspot.com/ She and her lovely sister came to pick up one of my truly delicious creations...... the Yule Log. I was so glad she liked it! I am also happy to report that She is also a GREAT tipper! Now I have some extra to get a few more stocking stuffers!!! I can't relax yet though, because I still have 2 more logs to go! I'll knock one out tonight and another tomorrow morning! Yay! Go me! I know this may sound like a lot of work.... but I truly enjoy making these. They look so festive when I get done and they are so pretty. I like to use it as an edible centerpiece. Yummy!

In other news, as you could tell, the weekend was a sucess! Everyone had a great time. I also have to say that, in the middle of all this... I totally forgot to mail out the last batch of cards! Oh yes.... Blondie strikes again! So, if you haven't gotten a Holiday card from me yet.... never fear! I am getting to the post office as soon as I am done baking! It may be after Christmas before you get them... but the feeling is the same!!

Well.... Yule have to excuse me.... I have work to do! (pun totally intended!)


Nicole said...

Woot! Thx for the plug! I'm always up for advertisements! So my hubby has been drooling over the Yule Log since I brought it home...as a matter of fact I should probably go check the fridge to see if its still there!! thanks so much again - it's Drooliscious!

Putz said...

so great...soo many friends so little time, i consider you a friend, your lovely three kids friends, and even sexy hhh a friend...i love you all the putz mmmchristmas